Monday, December 31, 2012

Done with December - Day 31

I was going to start my no added sugar, no wheat challenge today but I wanted to treat my son to one last splurge. We went to Dunkin Donuts this morning and used a gift card that one of my sweet third graders gave me for Christmas. And I needed to go grocery shopping. There's no junk in my pasta, no bread, no cereals. That's because I ate it all. I did throw some of it away, stuff that was way beyond expiration. I didn't bother buying more coffee, since I can't have any in January due to the whole no added sugar/artificial sweetener thing. Yay for water.

Last week, my copy of New Rules of Lifting: Supercharged arrived. If you have been following my blog for a while, you know how much I love me some NROL. Lou Schuler knows his stuff and Alwyn Cosgrove is an evil son of a bitch who puts together brilliantly brutal workouts. I reviewed the book over the weekend. It's delightfully complicated. Well, not complicated if you've been following NROL for a while. Lou outlines Alwyn's exercises and method, then you pick your own moves to do in each stage. I'm not going to outline everything - the book is detailed and I have a headache. As always, I highly recommend all of the NROL books.

I wish I could find my tape measure and calipers for tomorrow morning. I have been looking for them ever since I moved in to my apartment. I know I packed them and brought them with me.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dumbass in December - Days 28-30

I've purged the house of most junk foods but I'm still gorging on wheat, something I will be avoiding (along with added sugars/artificial sweeteners) in January. My son asked for some banana bread. I made it, and he ate maybe two slices. We have eaten all the crap food (and pretty much everything) in our freezer/refrigerator and I am going grocery shopping so I can kick off the new year (which begins Monday for me) with nothing but good stuff in stock. I also will be back to exercising. I have a half marathon to train for Turbo Kick certification to prepare for. Suck it, fat!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Half Marathon Playlist - HELP NEEDED

I'm working on my playlist for the Flying Pirate in April. The race has a four-hour time limit, so I want about 4 1/2 hours worth of music, maybe 5. I like rock, and I don't really keep up with current radio. I would like some suggestions for what to include. Specific songs would be most helpful, any genre.

I'll keep updating this post as I add to my playlist.

Battle of One - 30 Seconds to Mars
Closer to the Edge - 30 Seconds to Mars
The Fantasy - 30 Seconds to Mars
She - Green Day
Twisted Transistor - Korn
Astro Zombies - My Chemical Romance
Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
Kill All Your Friends - My Chemical Romance
My Way Home Is Through You - My Chemical Romance
Heaven Help Us - My Chemical Romance
Desolation Row - My Chemical Romance
Planetary (GO!) - My Chemical Romance
Too Bad - Nickelback
Yesterday - Staind
Thnks Fr th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy
I Like It - Enrique Iglesias
Dog Days Are Over - Florence + the Machine
We Found Love - Rihanna
DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again - Usher

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Disgusted in December - Day 26

I threw away the cookies yesterday so there was minimal junk food in the house. Just some Doritos and I made banana bread. And I cooked a decent dinner. But I didn't exercise like I wanted to. I looked longingly at my weights, but that's about it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Disgusted in December - Day 25

I have eaten nothing but junk for days. Ugh. Yuck. I need to start exercising. This is ridiculous.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Desperate in December - Days 21 - 24

I am still alive! Just stuffing my face and being lazy. I have to make cookies today for Santa. This week is eat everything in the freezer and start over week. There really isn't any junk food in the house. Nothing particularly healthy, either. I can't wait to go grocery shopping, once the stuff is cleared out.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Desperate in December - Day 20

Still desperate. I ate like crap today. I suck. Again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Desperate in December - Day 19

Haha, now I'm desperate. Food sucks and I'm lazy.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Determined in December - Day 17

Food was only okay today and I didn't work out. Meh.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Determined in December - Day 15 & 16

Saturday was a crappy food day. I ate a lot of carbs. And I had a diet pop. Sunday was better. No exercise, but I've been watching all my Turbo Kick rounds. I am 99% certain I am going for my instructor certification on April 6. I'm so fucking excited, I could pee myself!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Determined in December - Day 13

Still no workout, but I'm itching to do something. I'm still recuperating from the chaos of the early part of the week. Maybe tomorrow night I'll get some activity in.

Food was meh. I didn't eat all that much. Drank a lot of water though!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Determined in December - Day 12

Today was a crappy, stressful day. Food wasn't the greatest (though I am still soda-free for the month) and I am not exercising. There's something up with my ankle. I could probably work through it, but it feels like the bones are getting caught on each other. I've been so busy with work and such that by the time I get home, I'm ready to collapse. I'm not sleeping well so I'm exhausted. And I'm just stressed in general. It will get better soon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Determined in December - Day 11

My appetite is sort of back. I ate too many carbs today and no exercise but I am swamped with shit to do.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Determined in December - Day 10

No workout today. I didn't sleep much last night and I was exhausted. I also wasn't all that hungry. I had my coffee in the morning, some fries at work, and two pieces of pizza for dinner.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Determined in December - Day 8 & 9

Today was not a good day. I took a much needed break from exercise, but I also didn't eat anything for most of the day. I have no appetite at all. I don't care. I just don't fucking care. My friend, who hasn't seen me in two weeks, commented on my weight loss. I don't know how much I've lost - not much, really. It shouldn't be noticeable.

Anyway, by the end of the evening, I pulled myself together enough to eat some decent food. I also bought a candy bar, which tasted like ass, and I regretted eating it. I then went to Wendy's and just had a small fry and a chicken wrap. I think I'm going to be okay.

I didn't log all of my food in MyFitnessPal today. But tomorrow, I am 100% sure I'll be back to normal, without a binge.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Determined in December - Day 7

Today was a rough day, mentally. I'm not sure I really want to get into it.

I lifted:

squat - 3x5x105 lbs - I was having trouble with my left knee so my squats weren't all that deep, just barely hitting parallel.
assisted chin up - 3x5 - I'm really making progress with these. I'm quite pleased.
dumbbell shoulder press - 3x5x25 lbs - I don't like using my adjustables for these. The are too bulky. Maybe I'll try my other dumbbells.
Romanian dead lift - 3x5x100 lbs - I increased the weight from last time. It felt good.

After this, I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3 for 50 minutes and burned 508 calories. I fucking love this workout.

coffee w/ half & half and Splenda
mozzarella cheese

I think it's pretty apparent what my issue is. I am afraid to eat. I hit a new low today. I took a bite of sausage, then spit it out because I didn't want the calories. I know this is all fucked up. I know I need to eat to fuel my body properly. I know it all. But when I'm irrational like this, I can't get over it. And I know what comes next - a binge. I wanted to have the macaroni and cheese at school today but I knew if I ate it, I would binge. So I didn't eat anything until after school ended, then I had some mozzarella cheese. Then I played dodge ball with my third graders for about 45 minutes. Then I came home and worked out. I am heading for a big bucket of disaster, as my friend calls an inevitable clusterfuck. Yep, that's coming.

Oh, there, I got into it. Well, not much because there really isn't much to say. I know what I'm doing is dangerous. Hold on and I'll try to find a fuck to give.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Determined in December - Day 6

Another good day! I did the Rockin' Body Party Express for 25 minutes and burned 227 calories. I'm so torn between Turbo Jam and Rockin' Body. You know I love, love, love my Turbo. On the other hand, I really want to get my groove on. I still look like a total moron rockin' it with Shaun T but I'm having fun. I think, tomorrow night, I will try the next workout on the disc. I think it's close to 45 minutes.

coffee w/ half & half and Splenda
turkey salad w/ fat free french dressing, broccoli
oatmeal w/ banana & peanut butter

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Determined in December - Day 5

Today was either going to be nothing, or Turbo Jam 20 Minute workout. I burned 179 calories. I actually wanted to do Cardio Party 3, but I didn't have the energy for that.

coffee w/ half & half and Splenda
baked chicken breast w/ whole grain roll, peas & corn
Carolina barbecue pork w/ broccoli

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Determined in December - Day 4

Today was my lifting circuit:

squat - 3x5x105 lbs
assisted chin up - 3x5
dumbbell shoulder press - 3x5x25 lbs - up a smidge from last time
dead lift - 3x5x85 - next time I will increase my weight

and Turbo Jam 20 Minute Workout. I burned 195 calories. I forgot how much fun this simple workout is.

coffee w/ half & half and Splenda
Oriental chicken salad w/ fat free honey mustard dressing
Oatmeal w/ peanut butter & banana, sausage link

I'm still having major guilt over eating food. I know I have to eat and I know eating less does not equal more/better weight loss. I know all of this. I've been doing this for five years. I know, I know, I know. But it still doesn't change the fact that I have food issues. I also have no interest in therapy or anything like that. I just have to be in the right frame of mind, and only I can get myself there.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Determined in December - Day 3

Still not desperate! Today was a crappy day though. I was very, very preoccupied, so I had no appetite. I wasn't going to work out because I had no energy but I went ahead and did Rockin' Body Party Express again. I did keep it fairly low-energy though. I burned 239 calories. I really enjoy this workout. I get a good sweat!

coffee w/ half & half and Splenda
tater tots
oatmeal w/ peanut butter & banana - I made it with chocolate soy milk instead of water. Yum!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Determined in December - Day 2

For a brief moment, I couldn't remember what I was calling this group of posts. I thought it was Desperate in December, and that pretty much sums it up. I am desperate to get my body back, to be in control of my food intake again. Desperate to achieve the fitness level I once had, than improve. Determined, desperate...whatever. It depends on my mood. Today I'm determined. Tomorrow, I may be desperate.

Today's workout was Party Express from Shaun T's Rockin' Body. It was a 25 minute workout that was tons of fun. I'm a really shitty dancer but I'm getting more comfortable just moving my body. I am determined to be a decent dancer. Anyway, I burned 264 calories. And had fun.

coffee w/ half & half and Splenda
turkey and cheese sandwich - I was at a birthday party for my niece and I had to eat something. I did not have any cake.
salad w/ venison & beans
oatmeal w/ banana & peanut butter
hamburger on flour tortilla

I feel like I ate a ton today. And I feel very, very guilty.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Determined in December - Day 1

Haha, here I go again with another "thing" to try to keep me motivated. I suck. I can't stick with anything anymore.

I lifted today, then did a short cardio workout - Mark, Move & Groove (or something like that) from Shaun T's Rockin' Body. I've done this workout a few times. It's short - only 15 minutes - and fairly easy. I think I'm ready to move on to the next workout on the disc.

Lifting was a circuit:

squat - 3x5x105 lbs
assisted chin up 3x5
dumbbell shoulder press - 3x5x20 lbs
Romanian dead lift - 3x5x85 lbs - I'm still working on form. I love these but my shins area all fucked up from the bar. I need to start lifting in pants

I am going to add push ups next week, I think. Maybe some Turkish get ups and burpees, too. Fucking burpees. I hate burpees.

Or, I might go through all my Turbo Kick Fan Volumes. I have 25 workouts to test out. I don't know. I'm tired of not knowing. And I don't think it matters what I do, as long as I do something.  My son asked me today if I was ever going to do P90X again. No. As good as that program was for me, I can't do it - or any P90X version again. I could Turbo all my life though! I'm looking (again) at getting certified. I really want to teach kids and older people. I wish I could get my son to Turbo with me. Or at least do Tae Bo.

coffee w/ half & half and Splenda
egg, cheese & pepperoni burrito
oatmeal w/ peanut butter & banana

Friday, November 30, 2012

Zuzka Challenge - Day 7 - ZWOW #15

Today's workout was supposed to be 5 rounds for time:

10 squat to overhead presses
10 single leg weighted squats
10 skull crushers
10 V ups
10 180 lateral jump burpees

But I got through the first round and I just lost interest. So I did Turbo Fire HIIT 15. I got through 10 minutes of that before I started getting sick and wanted to throw up. I ate too much right before working out.  Speaking of eating too much, I ate badly today. But I'm done and that won't be the case tomorrow.

coffee w/ half & half & Splenda
truffles & bread stick
risotto & dark chocolate

I'm not digging this Zuzka stuff. The workouts are really, really good but I miss my Turbo. Tomorrow is December 1. I'll have 30 days before I start my half marathon training. I'm planning on ditching the diet soda for the month. I also want to work out daily. I'm going to stick with the lifting I did Tuesday. I really like that work out. I'll do that 2-3 times a week. The rest of the time, it will be cardio - maybe some Zuzka, maybe some Turbo, maybe some running if I don't have my son here. But I promise, I will be logging all my food at MyFitnessPal and I will be exercising.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Zuzka Challenge - Day 6 - ZWOW #37

Today's workout was 6 rounds in 12 minutes, 30 second intervals:

Santana push ups
side hops
Santana push ups
squat jumps

My calories burned was 102. This was the most pathetic, half-assed workout I've ever done. Those Santana push ups? They are like push ups to a T stand (side plank with arm extended in the air). I did them all on my knees, without the side move, and half the time I just held plank (on my knees). My side hops were more like just wiggling my ass from side to side. The squat jumps were slow but decent. But what the hell do you want from me at 5:30 in the morning after 2 hours of sleep?

coffee w/ half & half & Splenda
egg & cheese omelets - I actually snacked on several of these throughout the day.
pork w/ coleslaw
salad w/ ground chicken

Tomorrow's workout.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Zuzka Challenge - Day 5 - ZWOW #18

Today's workout was 5 rounds for time:

5 burpee step ups - each leg
15 round kick back lunges - each leg
20 inverted leg extensions
30 tricep dips

My time was 31:15 and I burned 290 calories. This workout sucked. My burpees were hands off burpees - no push up, and you lift your hands off the ground when you're down. I just could NOT do push ups today. And my tricep dips were pathetic. Blah! I'm hating this challenge. Not really. It's brutal but I feel strong.

I also feel crappy and bloated. I think it's because I'm drinking Diet Dr. Pepper again. So, December is going to be a no soda month for me. I would really like to lose 10 pounds before the end of the year, then deal with the last 10 in January/February.

coffee w/ half & half & Splenda - Twice!! I was wired!!!
pork roast & brown rice w/ gravy
oatmeal w/ banana & peanut butter
red & green pepper slices

Tomorrow's workout.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Zuzka Challenge - Day 4 - ZWOW #39

Today's workout was 3 rounds for time:

50 side hops
10 spiders - each side
10 lunge hops - each side
10 lunge press - each side

My time was 14:20 and the calorie burn was 135. This workout was fairly light on the crying, heavy on the sweat.

Before I did the Zuzka workout, I lifted:

squat 3x5x105 lbs
dumbbell shoulder press 3x5x20 lbs
Romanian deadlift 3x5x85 lbs - Low weight because I desperately need to work on form
assisted chin up - 3x5

This weight workout was so, so perfect for me! Perfect reps, perfect weight, perfect exercises. I am in love.

coffee w/ half & half & Splenda
baked potato & vegetable soup
Oriental chicken salad w/ honey mustard dressing

Tomorrow's workout.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Zuzka Challenge - Day 3 - ZWOW #8

Today's workout was 6 rounds, for time:

10 forward and back squat hops - These were actually the easiest move of the circuit.
10 dragon lunge backs - These were not difficult - great glute workout!
10 toe touch jump ups - Don't let the name fool you. They are burpees in disguise.
10 side plank leg lifts - each leg - These kind of sucked. I couldn't balance on my feet so I did them with a knee down.

Total time was 22:07 and my calorie burn was 207.

coffee w/ half & half & Splenda
Carolina barbecue pork, pineapple chunks & coleslaw
homemade French bread pizza

Tomorrow's workout.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Zuzka Challenge - Day 2 - ZWOW #31

I'm using a random number generator to pick my workouts. Today was ZWOW #31, and it was a bitch.

3 rounds, for time:
10 push ups - I did these on my knees
20 burpees
30 squat jumps
40 mountain climbers
50 sit ups - I did crunches. I hate sit ups. I think they are useless for abs.

My total time was: 28:45. The burpees were a real bitch. I did them slowly. I hate burpees. I also wore my heart rate monitor, and my alleged calori burn was 275.

bacon ranch salad w/ crispy chicken & fries from McDonald's

That's it. I was preoccupied today and not all that hungry.

Tomorrow's workout.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zuzka Challenge - Day 1 - ZWOW #1

I figured I'd start off my Zuzka Challenge with the first ZWOW. I decided to do this because on my last day, I'm going to do the ZWOW again, and try to beat my time. Actually, ZWOW #30 is the Beat Your Best, so I'm not making this shit up. She really did repeat the workout.

It's three rounds for time:

10 dive bombers
5 burpees
20 squat with leg lift - each side
5 burpees
10 side plank lifts - each side
5 burpees
10 pistol squats - each side
5 burpees

My time was 36:53. I could have finished a bit quicker if I hadn't been crying the entire 2nd & 3rd rounds. I also wish I'd worn my heart rate monitor. estimates that I burned 330 calories. I'll go conservative and say 250.

Why was I crying? you ask? BECAUSE I LET MYSELF GET SO OUT OF FUCKING SHAPE AND I WISH I COULD TAKE MYSELF OUT AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF MYSELF!!! I am so damn angry. There were times when I wanted to beat my fists against the floor and kick some walls, but I was afraid of hurting myself. I didn't live in an apartment, I would have screamed the rage away. Instead, I had to settle for sobbing into my carpet between every rep. No joke, man. I wanted to quit after the first round, which "only" took me 9 minutes. I would have hated myself even more than I already do if I had quit, so I just kept going. The pistol squats were not real pistols. I did one leg, thighs to maybe parallel while holding onto a wall squats. My burpees were slow, with the lamest push up components ever. And my dive bombers were more like downward dogs with a little hip pump. It sucked. Truly. My the time I was finished (okay, with the first round), I wanted to throw up and die. I don't know if I should have eaten before the workout (it had been a while since breakfast) but I had no appetite when I finished. I had to eat though. Two hours after I finished the workout, I was still shaking.

Oh, and I have no starting stats because I forgot to get on the scale this morning, and I lost my tape measure. So screw it. My goal is fitness. On December 30, when I do this ZWOW again, I don't want to cry. If I'm to that point, I'll know the other stuff is taking care of itself.

coffee w/ Splenda & half & half
eggs w/ chipotle sauce, toast w/ butter
tilapia & risotto

I didn't eat dinner. I had no appetite. I just wanted to go to bed.

Tomorrow's workout.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Zuzka Challenge!!

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, but I have fallen off the wagon. Not only have I fallen off the wagon, the son of a bitch has run me the fuck over. There are 38 days left in 2012, and I'm challenging myself (again) to do something.

I've been a fan of Zuzana Light for a while now. She's the original Bodyrock.TV chick. I'm not crazy about the new chick, Lisa, and all the equipment Bodyrock.TV uses these days. The program was supposed to be simple. After whatever happened between Zuz and the guy who filmed all the shit, she went out on her own. She's had her own thing for a while now, including a YouTube channel, two different Facebook pages, her own web site, and a Pinterest page. The Pinterest page has ALL her ZWOWs (Zuzka's Workout of the Week) and it looks like some of the older Bodyrock.TV stuff, before it got complicated.

So where am I going with this? For the remainder of this year, I want to do one of Zuzka's workouts every day. When December 31 rolls around, there will be 16 weeks before the Flying Pirate Half Marathon. I am fairly certain I am going to use this training schedule, beginning on December 31, which will be a rest day, per the schedule. So I have 37 days of ZWOWs. My plan is two right them all out on index cards and pick one at random each night to do the following day. 

I have to get this shit under control. I have a million reasons to get back into shape. I am so happy with every aspect of my life except my fitness level. I'll go back to using MyFitnessPal and I'm going to try really, really hard to post everywhere to keep myself accountable. I'll post a link to the workout, my notes (time, reps, weight, whatever) and my food & calorie stats for the day. I'm going to use two measurements for tracking my loss - weight and my beer gut. Okay, it's a cake gut but whatever. I'm going to measure the biggest part of my midsection. Because that's all I care about. I need to shrink that puppy down so I don't look four damn months pregnant. Okay, five months. Fucking hell, fat ass. 

I know I've said it before, but I'm tired of being out of shape. It's been 18 months since I was happy with myself that way. I've pulled out all my cookbooks and now that I'm not behind on my bills, I can buy good foods again and cook. I have to get the exercise back though. I've been struggling so hard with it. I remember a time when, no matter how shitty my diet was, I never fucked off my exercise. I need that back. I'm desperate.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

49 days to a new me

I did not run this morning, and honestly, I probably won't start until January. I am enjoying Turbo Jam too much. I did Cardio Party 3 today, which is my favorite Turbo workout. I wasn't sure I'd have the energy for it, but once I got rolling, it rocked! LOL See what I did there?

My son was home sick again today, so no work for me. Well, he wasn't sick, but he can't go to school if he has thrown up within 24 hours.

coffee w/ half & half
eggs w/ Sweet Heat Addiction, toast w/ butter
coffee w/ half & half - Yes, again - I am going to be up all damn night!
meatballs & mashed potatoes w/ gravy
pumpkin muffin

Monday, November 12, 2012

50 days to a new me

I am back on MyFitnessPal. I hate it but whatever. I have to be more accountable. My half marathon is in 23 weeks!

The plan for today was to run, but I slept in instead. Then my son had been sick all day. So instead of running, I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party 2. Oh, how I love to Turbo!!!!

eggs & toast w/ butter
coffee w/ half & half - I ended up not drinking most of this because I made a poor flavor choice.
pork w/ baked beans
tilapia pesto w/ cream of broccoli soup

Sunday, November 11, 2012

51 days to a new me

I volunteered with the School Nutrition Association to cook for the marathon volunteers and elite runners. I have to say, the OBX Marathon is so inspiring, and as time goes on, I know more and more of the runners. I  love it. Within the next two years, I'm going to have my own finisher medal. I want to do two marathons - the Shamrock in Virginia and the OBX Marathon. Then I'm done running :p

Saturday, November 10, 2012

52 days to a new me

I ran the 5K with the GO FAR kids today. It was awesome. I wasn't timed and it was nice to run without that pressure. I wish I could do it on my own though! I'm thinking of starting Couch 2 5K on Monday, to prepare for my half-marathon training. Yes, I am doing the Flying Pirate in April. A bunch of people from school are planning on doing it as well. I'm not sure which C25K version I want to follow. I can't run a 5K all the way through anymore so I do need to start from scratch.

Friday, November 9, 2012

53 days to a new me

Food was good today. Race tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to it!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

55 days to a new me

This is getting ridiculous. Where the hell did my motivation go? I'm not pigging out, but damn, I still suck. And I'm lazy. Fortunately, I think I've come up with a plan for getting some running in. Let's see if I follow through.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

56 days to a new me

GAH!!! If I don't get some time to myself to run soon, I am going to freaking burst. I will get to run Saturday with my GO FAR kids but I have all this pent up energy and aggression and I desperately need to clear my head.

Monday, November 5, 2012

57 days to a new me

I did not work out today. I'm just exhausted. Food was decent though.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

58 days to a new me

I had a case of the lazies. I will work out tomorrow.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

59 days to a new me

My ankles hurt today so I didn't run like I'd planned. I did get a little cardio and some bodyweight work in. And food was good.

Friday, November 2, 2012

60 days to a new me

I did Turbo Jam Fat Blaster today. I wasn't going to. I had the house to myself and I just wanted to be lazy. But I have to get my ass back in gear. I'm giving myself 4 months (until March fucking 1) to get back into the shape I was when I finished Insanity in June 2011.  I want to me a fucking machine again. I want to be amazing. I want to be bad ass. I want to look good in a bathing suit.

Food was very good today, too. I'm really keeping my shit together, even if I'm too lazy to blog about it all.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

61 days to a new me

I worked out today! I worked out today!!!!! I did Turbo Fire HIIT 15. Damn, I love that workout. I won't be able to do it this weekend because I don't have the remote for my blu ray/dvd player and the panel buttons don't work. I used the xbox today but my son is taking it with him. I'm hoping to run Saturday and Sunday.

Food was pretty good today.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

62 days to a new me

Food was good today. I didn't even eat a bunch of Halloween candy. Workout tomorrow - cardio. Turbo.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

63 days to a new me

Ok, I lied. I didn't work out today. But I ate well!! I'll start working out Thursday.

Monday, October 29, 2012

64 days to a new me

I promise I'm working out tomorrow. School is closed because of flooding due to Hurricane Sandy. I will probably lift, then do a little Turbo Jam.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

65 days to a new me

Hurricane Sandy was here today. I still had that crazy urge to go run. I didn't. I also didn't eat any junk food and I got a little exercise.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

66 days to a new me

I don't know why but I had no appetite today. I was anxious to get out and run, but I was so tired from so little sleep. I had to take a short road trip, and I was listening to my iPod the whole time, and an idea came to me. I love Turbo Jam choreography and I often find myself wanting to do the moves to rock music. So I think I'm going to create my own mixes and put together my own routines. I may or may not record them. Obviously, I can't do anything with them because I'm not Chalene Johnson. But I think it would be fun.

Friday, October 26, 2012

67 days to a new me

Food was good and I even got a little activity. I didn't eat a whole lot because I was nervous because I HAD A DATE (which went very well).

Thursday, October 25, 2012

68 days to a new me

Food was pretty good today. I taught my kids how to play Chinese jump rope. Is that still the correct terminology? Damn political correctness!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

69 days to a new me

No workout today but food was good. I only got 2 hours of sleep last night. I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping :(

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

70 days to a new me

No exercise today. Food was okay. I'm really irritated with myself.

Monday, October 22, 2012

71 days to a new me

I didn't work out today, but I really, really wanted to do some cardio. I'm thinking I need to start running. Or something. I don't know how to get good runs in (or any runs in) with my very uncooperative 8 year old. He won't run with me, he won't learn to ride his bike, and I have no one to leave him with so I can run during the week.

Food was pretty good today. Nothing to write home about. I miss being able to afford fresh vegetables! This divorce and related expenses have me all messed up. Asshole.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

72 days to a new me

I can't have sugary cereal in the house. I bought it for my son's sleepover, but none of the kids ate it. So I did. Dinner was fantastic though - venison & vegetable soup.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

73 days to a new me

I think I'm over my cold - it was amazingly short, compared to previous years. I didn't work out today or eat very well. I am sure I will be back on track Monday.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

75 days to a new me

I didn't work out today and food wasn't that great. I am so emotionally drained and overwhelmed with everything. I'm still sick, and that makes me cranky. I'm just feeling so defeated. I'm either starving hungry, so I eat, or I'm not hungry at all but I'm comforting myself with food. I don't think I've ever been this miserable, not even when I ate half a pound of M&Ms.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

76 days to a new me

No exercise today and I'm sick as hell. Ugh. I hate being stuffy. Food was just okay. I was hungry though!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

77 days to a new me

I worked out this morning, even though I wasn't feeling well. I didn't do my planks at the end because whatever dirt or dust was on the floor of my garage was really bothering me. I didn't do my jump roping either, because I could barely breathe.

goblet squats - 3x8x25 lbs - Really deep!
Romanian dead lift - 3x8x115 lbs - Better this time because I was wearing pants, and I think I'm getting stronger.

bodyweight row - 3x8 - I kicked ass at these today!
shoulder press - 3x8x22.5 lbs - I went up 2.5 pounds from last week. They were perfectly challenging!

lying dumbbell row - 3x8x25 lbs - I still don't like these
push up - 3x8 - Not all that deep but getting better.

Food was decent.

Monday, October 15, 2012

78 days to a new me

No workout today because I had to be to the school early then I had some errands to run after work. I'll lift tomorrow morning. Food was decent. Not perfect and not close to really good. Just...decent.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

80 days to a new me

I am exhausted! I cleaned my house, worked out, made an insane impulse buy at the car dealership, spent the night doing laundry...I need to go to bed!

goblet squats - 3x8x25 lbs - Really deep!
Romanian dead lift - 3x8x115 lbs - I don't like this. I scrape up my knees and shins.

bodyweight row - 3x8 - I don't like these either but I'm getting better at them.
shoulder press - 3x8x20 lbs - I should probably increase my weight again.

lying dumbbell row - 3x8x25 lbs - Not a fan. I wish I could do renegade rows, but not paired with push ups and followed by planks.
push up - 3x8 - Not all that deep but getting better.

plank - 3x40 sec - OMG, these sucked! I don't know how I'm going to do 45 seconds next time!

And I did more jump roping. No double unders, but I'm getting better at regular jump roping. I also found a jump rope length that works well with my short body.


I have excuses but I won't bother with them.

Friday, October 12, 2012

81 days to a new me

Food was not good, again. I'm so stressed about so much that I cannot handle it. I was too upset and exhausted to lift today. I will get it done - with cardio - tomorrow. And I will get some cardio in on Sunday.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

82 days to a new me

Today was not a good day. That is all.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

83 days to a new me

goblet squats - 3x8x25 lbs - These were nice and deep!

Romanian dead lift - 3x8x115 lbs - I debated whether or not I wanted to back off on the weight for these because my hams are so freaking tight. I was up half the night stretching them because they just ached. I didn't lower the weight, but my downward movement wasn't as deep as usual.

bodyweight row - 3x8 - These bothered my hamstrings. I know it's not a leg exercise, but my feet are on the floor and it's hard not to stretch out the hams.

shoulder press - 3x8x20 lbs - I went heavier this week, and it was good.

lying dumbbell row - 3x8x25 lbs - This was a good weight for these.
push up - 3x8 - I did them on my toes, but they weren't that deep.

plank - 3x35 sec - I did add 5 seconds to my time and it was a struggle. I'll keep on with this trend.

And I did two songs worth of jump roping. I am definitely getting better at it. I made more double-under attempts and came close a couple times. Hopefully by the end of the month!

plum, eggs, whole wheat toast w/ butter
coffee w/ half & half
Asian chicken w/ brown rice & broccoli
string cheese
Asian chicken w/ brown rice

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

84 days to a new me

No cardio today. I'm going to have two days during the work week off, so I am not rushing through my workouts.

Food: (was not great today)
tea w/ milk
chicken fajita & cheese (no tortilla, just the mix)
cereal w/ milk & hot chocolate
beef & biscuits w/ gravy

Monday, October 8, 2012

85 days to a new me

Boy, it sure felt good to sleep in until 6:30 today!!!  I took my son to school then came home to *gasp* work out in my garage!!! Here's the rundown:

goblet squats - 3x8x25 lbs - I did these just to parallel and they were exhausting. I'll work on getting a little lower each time.
Romanian dead lift - 3x8x115 lbs - I used to love deads so much. Now, I have a hard time with them.

bodyweight row - 3x8 - This is a substitution for chin ups since I don't have my Iron Gym up yet. Oh, and the fact that I can no longer haul my fat ass into the air.
shoulder press - 3x8x15 lbs - I can probably go heavier. Or slower.

lying dumbbell row - 3x8x20 lbs - I need to go heavier because these didn't really feel like anything.
push up - 3x8 - I did them on my knees. I'm trying to get my form down. Maybe I should do elevated instead. I know that torturer Alwyn Cosgrove frowns upon knee push ups.

plank - 3x30 sec - Damn, my core strength sucks. I'm going to try to add 5 seconds each time I do this workout. Which is three times a week.

I ended the workout with two songs worth of jump roping. I'm a better jump roper than I thought. I think I attempted a double-under and failed. I say I think because I can't remember if I swung the rope twice and it just hit my feet on the second pass, or I am a total idiot and jumped twice on one rope pass. Either way, I have never done a double-under.

plum & cottage cheese
tea w/ milk
whole wheat spaghetti w/ meatballs
plum, string cheese & baked potato
Wheat Thins

Saturday, October 6, 2012

I've lost track of what day I'm on.

I've been so busy getting ready for my fundraiser that I haven't had time to even pretend to blog. I'll be back on Monday!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

91 days to a new me

It was a really, really bad day. Food wasn't horrible, but I did eat way too many bread-type foods. Ugh. I feel bloated. I need my ass kicked.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

92 days to a new me

Food was just okay today. I overate the bagel things we serve at work. Oh well.

Monday, October 1, 2012

93 days to a new me

Food was good today. I got a diet Coke and it tasted horrible.

I swear, I will start doing some good blogging next week. I promise!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

94 days to a new me

Decent food. I'm so tired. One more week of hell, then I can hopefully get back into the swing of things. I will actually have an hour and a half in the morning before work to get my workout done!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

95 days to a new me

I had the best macaroni & cheese today. It wasn't healthy and I overate, but damn, it was good.

This is my last week of crazy. I can't wait to have time to cook and work out again.

Friday, September 28, 2012

96 days to a new me

Food was just okay today. I did get some exercise - I played kickball with my third graders!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

97 days to a new me

I was really good with food today. I even jumped a little bit at work. I was thinking about how much fun I had with Zumba yesterday, and it made me really miss Turbo Jam. I hate being so exhausted and working all the damn time. One more week!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

98 days to a new me

I am really proud of myself. Work bought lunch, and I only ate half of it. I am saving the other half for tomorrow. Then at work, I did Zumba with the kids. It was so much fun, even though I was not properly dressed for exercise. It was a blast!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

99 days to a new me

Food was good. I don't remember what I ate though.

Monday, September 24, 2012

100 days to a new me

I was planning on working out when I got home but I underestimated how tired I would be after such a long day. I'm going to get up early tomorrow and do it before I start my long day!

coffee w/ milk
Carolina barbecue pork w/ baked beans
roast w/ mixed vegetables

Sunday, September 23, 2012

101 days to a new me

I am really proud of myself. I forgot my lunch and my water bottle this morning when I left for work. I did not buy junk food or pop!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

102 days to a new me

Today was a pretty good food day. I did have a 20 ounce bottle of diet Dr. Pepper and it was kind of nasty. Not how I remember it :( I went to my mother's birthday dinner and ate very reasonably and had a small piece of cake. I'm really proud of myself.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

104 days to a new me

Another good day of food. I ate protein, fruit, and a small piece of cake. Oh, and vegetables.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

105 days to a new me

Another decent day. The final 100 days of the year are approaching. I have to get my ass in gear.

My last day of crazy is October 7. My second job will be ending, and my fundraiser will be over. I should be able to hit the gym hard and finish off this horrible year on a high note.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

106 days to a new me

The stress is starting to let up a little bit. I have not been as vigilant with clean eating as I should be, but I am miles away from the glutton I was. I'm really proud of myself. And of course, still drinking the water.

Monday, September 17, 2012

107 days to a new me

More of the same, you know? I did eat cake today though. I'm not doing so well with my no sweetener challenge. I'm not really eating junk (other than the cake) and still all I drink is water and milk and coffee. I'm so stressed. I miss working out. I literally cannot make the time right now. Between my jobs and the fundraiser coming up, I am a zombie.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

108 days to a new me

Food is still good. I'm still not drinking diet soda - just my coffee and water. I am still completely exhausted. I need to start finding time to sleep and exercise, instead of working 70 hours a week and doing my PTO stuff. But until after our October fundraiser, I'm stuck in this hellacious grind.

109 days to a new me

I am sad to say that my goal of one race event per month for an entire year was stopped two events short. I was scheduled to run a 5K today, but exhaustion and personal issues came into play and I decided I desperately needed to be home and trying to sleep a little.

Unfortunately, I am also going to miss next month's zombie run :(

Friday, September 14, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

111 days to a new me

I did not eat any junk food today or even anything processed, that I can recall, but I definitely ate too many potatoes. It's all good though! I'm looking forward to my run on Saturday, I'm craving healthy foods, and I'm drinking my water.

112 days to a new me

Food wasn't that great today. The school has these new bagel sticks with cream cheese & cinnamon sugar in them. I violated my no sweetener rule and ate 4 of them. But other than that, I'm not doing horribly. Still tired and sick. I have a 5K to run Saturday. I hate being sick for runs.

Monday, September 10, 2012

113 days to a new me

I am really sick. Head cold, sinus infection, exhausted sick. I worked all three jobs today and the mental beating I'm taking has me worn out. I won't be working out for the rest of the week. I was good with food today, though.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

114 days to a new me

coffee w/ milk
apple & cottage cheese
carrot sticks & chicken breast
chicken nuggets, fries & ice cream - This was way too much and too salty and too sweet. But I had a really bad night I did not care.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

115 days to a new me

I am down 4 pounds this week, to 159.5. I'll take it. There are 115 days left in the year. I'd like to reach my goal weight of 130 by then. I'll have to lose about 2 pounds a week. Gah! We'll see. Workouts start tomorrow. I'm going to lift three times a week, do cardio twice or thrice a week. Haha, I know nobody says "thrice" anymore but it's a joke among my friends because I do say thrice. Not in every day conversation, but when I'm being funny.

coffee w/ milk
almonds & cereal w/ milk
eggs & toast w/ butter
chicken salad w/ salsa

Friday, September 7, 2012

I can't do Tapout XT

I just don't enjoy it. I don't look forward to it at all. I can't do something I don't look forward to. So it's back to lifting and cardio. I'm currently working on my plan. I'll post it this weekend.

Food has been good but I didn't write anything down or track at all today.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

MMA Challenge - Tapout XT - W1D6

Today's Tapout XT workout was Yoga. I'm not taking any activity points for yoga.

Food [WW P+ values]:
coffee w/ milk [3]
egg w/ cheese [5]
Philly cheese steak w/ potatoes [10]
grapes & string cheese [4]

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MMA Challenge - Tapout XT - W1D5

I did yesterday's Plyo XT, taking 3 Activity Points for it, because I really wasn't feeling it and putting much effort in. I was tired, I didn't like the workout and my carpet really sucks for cardio.

Food [WW P+ values]:
banana, coffee w/ milk [3]
apple & cottage cheese [4]
sausage & eggs [12]
grapes, cantaloupe [0]
beef & potatoes [12]

I need to work on getting more vegetables.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MMA Challenge - Tapout XT - W1D4

Today's workout was supposed to be Plyo XT but I was so exhausted from lack of sleep and so stressed over dealing with some stuff with my son that I'm postponing it until tomorrow and just going to bed early.

Food [WW P+ values]:
coffee w/ milk [3]
apple & cottage cheese [4]
half a banana [0]
quinoa [5]
chicken salad w/ cheese, avocado & salsa [13]

Monday, September 3, 2012

MMA Challenge - Tapout XT - W1D3

Today's workout was Strength & Force Upper. I was supposed to also do the ab workout, but I'm only going to do the ab workout once a week, on my "off" days. So Saturdays. I probably should have done it the other day but didn't think about it. Anyway, this was strength training, with a band and body weight. I took 4 Activity Points for it. I wasn't crazy about it, but I was very distracted by other stuff going on today.

Food [WW P+ values]:
coffee w/ milk [3]
apple & cottage cheese [4]
quinoa [5]
cantaloupe & string cheese [4]

Yeah, I know I'm low on points again. It will get better in a few days. The very thought of food right now makes me ill. I did eat quite a bit of cantaloupe though. I have some chicken cooked up so tomorrow should be chock full of protein!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

MMA Challenge - Tapout XT - W1D2

Looking back at yesterday's blog, I realize I didn't actually eat the cauliflower with olive oil & cheese because I was sleeping! I fell asleep after my quinoa (around 5:30, while watching Friends), and got up several hours later to post my blog and shut down my laptop. I really dropped the ball on yesterday. I'm still really tired. I wanted to bring an apple to work today and I forgot. Grr.

And I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I don't know why. I feel like I have no time for anything. I will be home by 6 tonight, work out, shower & bed by 8. That's plenty of time for what I need to do today. It might not just be today that freaks me out. I've mentioned that I'm separated from my husband. He has been taking our son to school on the days I work, but now he is also moving far enough away that it won't be a possibility anymore. I am trying to get my job back at the school so my son can still go there (we actually live on the other side of the district line) and I can just take him. For now though, I have to get us both up at 5:30 AM, go to my job at the hotel for about 45 minutes, then take 30 minutes to take him to school. I have to start work early so I don't lose any hours during the week. And of course, I have my big PTO fundraiser to stress about. I will be very happy on October 7.

Today's workout was Tapout XT Cross Core Combat. It was exhausting and fun. I couldn't complete the Grinder at the end and I had to modify a lot of the push up and plank stuff. But it was a good workout. I enjoyed it. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor but I took 4 Activity Points for it.

Food [WW P+  values]:
coffee w/ milk [3] - I use whole milk, and I used my sweetener...8 drops. It's neotame, which is similar to aspartame...nasty stuff. So starting next week, I'll hopefully be down to 6 drops.
apple & string cheese [4]
quinoa [5] - Last night's left overs. I have enough for lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, as well.
grapes [0]
scrambled eggs w/ onions & cheese [10]

I know I'm psyching myself out but I'm not really all that hungry (yet). I'm not eating enough. I should be aiming for 26-29 points per day. I have the Ultimate WW Diary app on my phone (Android or iPhone), and it gives you a "boost" option, which cuts 3 points off your daily target. So I should be eating at least 23 points a day. I know, within a week, I'll be ravenous and I'll be eating my 26-29 plus my activity points and some weekly points. So I am not going to worry about my under eating right now.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

MMA Challenge - Tapout XT - W1D1

That fucking scale did not give me good news today. 163.5. It's not as bad as I feared but what the motherfucking fuck?

So, I'm back on Weight Watchers, trying to eat as cleanly as possible. I just finished a 31-day no diet soda challenge, and it was hard. Really hard. I've been informed that I have to do another challenge, and I think I'm going to go with SkinnyMs again and do the No Added Sugar Challenge. I am going to make some minor exceptions though. First, I need my gum. Sorry, but I do. Second, I still want my coffee and tea, and I might allow myself to drink that as usual, except I would cut back each week on the amount of sweetener I use.

And as a little motivation for me, I realized that my 20th high school reunion is less than a year away. So that gives me...10ish months to get in shape. Do I have a goal weight? Ugh, I don't know. The lowest I've ever been is 127.5 but if I can get to 130, I'll be happy. But then again, it's not about the number on the scale. It's about how I look and feel. I felt great at 130 before, and I looked pretty good but I still could have stood to lose some body fat. So, we will see what the mirror tells me when I hit 130.

Today's workout was Turbo Jam Fat Blaster. I am keeping Saturdays open because I have two 5Ks planned in the next two months. I couldn't kick this shit off with a rest day. I'm having difficulty adjusting to working out on carpet again. The old house had laminate flooring. The apartment is carpeted. I can't do videos in the garage because I don't have a television out there. I don't know if it's because the sneakers were brand new and had no wear on the bottoms or what but moving my feet was difficult. Jumping was great. I ended up taking me sneakers off and just doing it in socks. It was almost two slick that way. Anyway, I used my heart rate monitor (which I don't entirely trust anymore, even though the settings are correct and blah, blah, blah) and burned about 240 calories, good for 4 Activity Points.

Food [WW P+  values]:
apple [0]
eggs & potato w/ cheese [9]
carrots & cantaloupe [0]
quinoa [5]
cauliflower w/ olive oil & cheese [5]

Sunday, August 26, 2012

September 1

I'll be back. I'm restarting Weight Watchers, with Paleo/Primal tendencies. I'll also be kicking off a 20-week mixed martial arts routine...Tapout XT followed by Rushfit. As a quick update, I have two more race events in the next two months - the Pumped for Pink 5K and a 3 mile zombie run - and I will have reached my goal of at least one official event every month for 12 months. I'm so excited to cross that off my bucket list.

On a personal level, I honestly don't remember if I posted about it on this blog, but in April, I told my husband I wanted a divorce. I was finally able to move into my own place at the beginning of this month. I've been getting settled into single parenthood, and exercise has been non-existent and food has really sucked. As a result, I am fat, fat, fat. How fat? We'll find out on Saturday when I weigh in. It's not pretty, but I'm ready to come back.

Oh, and I have a garage:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I need a break.

I can't follow anything that requires weights right now. My house is half packed up, and a mess. I'll start NROL over when I get into my new apartment and get my garage set up. I can't do any videos because my kid won't pick up his freaking toys. I'm going to start going for runs, to get out of the house. Ugh, this sucks.

NROL4L - Week 3 - Monday

No workout today.

Food kind of sucked too.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

NROL4L - Week 3 - Sunday

I'm still modifying my workouts a bit because of my toe. For the most part, it's fine, but any pressure on the top of it (such as for Bulgarian split squats) bothers me. So today, I did assisted pistols instead. Oh, and one of my core exercises actually should have been done Friday. I messed up.

Swiss ball mountain climber - 2x15 each side
Spiderman plank - 2x15 each side

explosive elevated push up 2x8

RDL 2x15x85 lbs
suspended push up 2x15
assisted pistol squat 2x15 each side
inverted row 2x15


Let's not talk about food. I had an emotional breakdown at work, where all I had access to was candy bars.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

NROL4L - Week 2 - Friday

I had a light English muffin with butter after I blogged last night.

Today was Workout A, still with some modifications because of my toe.

plank - 2xMax
side plank - 2xMax, each side - Oops. I was supposed to do Swiss ball mountain climbers.

box jumps - 2x8

front squat - 2x15x50 lbs
3 pt db row - 2x15x25 lbs
step up - 2x15xbodyweight
push up - 2x15 - All on my knees because of my toe.

I didn't do a metabolic workout today. I wanted to run but it was way too fucking hot outside.And I really bonked on my weights because the only thing I had to eat all day was watermelon. I ate some cheese & pineapple in the middle of my workout.

coffee w/ milk
cheese & pineapple
turkey, bacon & avocado sub
vodka & beer

Thursday, July 5, 2012

NROL4L - Week 2 - Thursday

No workout today. It was too hot to move.

coffee w/ milk
taco salad
diet soda cake

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NROL4L - Week 2 - Wednesday

I did my 5K with no major problems. My toe didn't hurt at all while I was actually running. It felt great to run and there were times when I was really fast. When I hit the trail into the woods, that is when I started having problems. I kept landing on the stupid rocks, just in the wrong place, and that hurt my foot, so I walked most of that part. But on the road, yeah, I was loving it. It was hot as hell and muggy, so I had sweat on the lenses of my glasses. I didn't even think to wear my contacts. I enjoyed this run very much.

coffee w/ half & half - I stopped by 7-11 after the race before heading to my brother's house to babysit. I really wanted a donut. I did not get a donut.
diet soda cake - Yay, portion control again!
hamburger w/ avocado on light English muffin
movie popcorn - Not wasn't that good.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

NROL4L - Week 2 - Tuesday

My toe is really bothering me today and that concerns me because I have my 5K in the morning. I really wanted to run it, but now I think I'm going to have no choice but to do an awkward stumble.It is actually more bothersome to walk. I can trot fairly well if I keep weight off my toe. Oh, this is going to be a disaster.

coffee w/ milk
homemade protein bar
turkey & bacon wrap w/ spicy mayo & guacamole
baby carrots w/ ranch dressing
leftover easy beef & potato casserole

Monday, July 2, 2012

NROL4L - Week 2 - Monday

I had a light English muffin with butter after I blogged last night.

I wasn't going to work out today, since it's not a scheduled lifting day, but I decided to do tomorrow's workout today. I have to change my muffler tomorrow after work. And I actually only did three of the exercises, so I could stay off my toe. It's still sore and I need to run Wednesday.

suspended push up 2x15
RDL 2x15x75 lbs
suspended row 2x15

coffee w/ milk
homemade protein bar
easy ground beef casserole w/ potatoes & salad w/ cilantro lime dressing
diet soda cake - Again, practicing portion control :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

NROL4L - Week 2 - Sunday

No workout today. My toe is a lot better and I'm hoping to be ready to run by Wednesday. I won't be making any personal records with the Freedom 5K but I would like to run the whole thing.

coffee w/ milk
homemade protein bar
brown sugar chicken w/ brown rice
cookies - Good portion control!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

NROL4L - Week 1 - Saturday

My toe is not broken but my toe & foot are really sore and stiff. They are getting better but I decided to take it easy today.

plank w/ reduced base of support - 2x15 sec per side -  I actually just planked as long as I could (in push up position) with my ankles crossed, bad foot on top of good foot.
Swiss ball mountain climber - 2x15 per side - I couldn't do these either - had to do jack knives.

box jumps - I did not do these because of my foot. I did dumbbell swings instead, 2x8x25 pounds.

front squat - 2x15x45 lbs
3 pt db row - 2x15x25 lbs per side
step up - 2x15 per side (bodyweight) - I skipped these and really didn't feel like doing a substitution.
push up - 2x15 - I did them all on my knees because of my bad toe.

No metabolic workout - I wanted to go easy on my foot. On Tuesday, I will modify my workout do box jumps for my power training. I'm taking the next two days off to rest and heal.

coffee w/ milk
eggs w/ turkey bacon, sandwich thin w/ butter
homemade mac & cheese

I took a long nap this afternoon. Ugh. I'm lazy.

Friday, June 29, 2012

NROL4L - Week 1 - Friday

No workout today, and possibly none tomorrow. I was fairly sure I broke my big toe last night. I could barely walk, my toe and foot were swollen and discolored and I couldn't wiggle my toe at all. It's getting better now - I can move it without that searing pain, but it still feels stiff. Hopefully I will be able to work out tomorrow, and more importantly, run my 5K on Wednesday.

coffee w/ milk
homemade protein bar
chicken wrap

Thursday, June 28, 2012

NROL4L - Week 1 - Thursday

I had a candy bar after I blogged last night. It was one of those new Thin Mint flavored whatevers. I can't remember. Anyway, it wasn't really all that great.

My abs are still tender from Tuesday. Here's today's workout:

side plank  - 2x15 sec per side
spiderman plank - 2x10 per side

explosive elevated push up - 2x8

Romanian dead lift - 2x15x65 lbs
suspended push up - 2x15
split squat w/ rear foot elevated - 2x15 per side, bodyweight only. They were hard. I'm having major balance issues.
inverted row - 2x15 - I did these on the suspension trainer at a 45 degree angle. I also switched between, pronated, neutral, and supinated grips with each rep. Very smooth with the trainer.

Then I did HIIT 15 from Turbo Fire. I was exhausted. I need to start eating breakfast.

coffee w/ milk
cottage cheese
pork chop & green beans w/ olive oil
ice cream

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NROL4L - Week 1 - Wednesday

I've discovered that box jumps are a great way to work off some aggression. I'm getting really good at them, too. I think I need a higher box.

coffee w/ milk
lunch buffet - I had just a little bit of some things, including dessert. I didn't stuff myself.

I also slept a lot today.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NROL4L - Week 1 - Tuesday

I needed to change my workout that I posted on Sunday, just a bit. I don't have the equipment to do push aways, so I'm doing Swiss ball mountain climbers instead.

plank w/ reduced base of support - 2x15 sec per side
Swiss ball mountain climber - 2x15 per side

box jumps - 2x8 - OMG, I love these. I need a higher box though. Mine is only 18 inches.

front squat - 2x15x45 lbs
3 pt db row - 2x15x25 lbs per side
step up - 2x15 per side (bodyweight) - Holy crap, these were challenging.
push up - 2x15 - I did them all on my knees.

For my metabolic workout, I ran 30/30 intervals for 10 minutes.

coffee w/ milk
carrot smoothie

I know I didn't eat enough today. I had no appetite.

Monday, June 25, 2012

NROL4L - Week 1 - Monday

Today was the inaugural Sunset Spectacular 5K & Luau. I wasn't really excited to run this one, because it was in the sand. It sucked, hardcore. I'll have to start training for barefoot running in the sand. I wore my running shoes and they were so water-logged and my socks were full of sand.

coffee w/ milk
tuna fish & baby carrots
pulled pork, coleslaw & fruit - post race!
eggs & turkey bacon w/ chipotle sauce

Sunday, June 24, 2012

NROL4L - Week 1 - Sunday

I'm not doing weigh ins. I'm going by how my clothes feel and how hot I think I look :p

I also decided not to start the Insanity Asylum part of my program. My speed ladder is in storage. I'll stick with Turbo Fire until I'm all moved. I was tired after work, from lack of sleep, and didn't really want to work out. Still, I felt I needed to do something so I pulled out my heart rate monitor and decided to see what my VO2max is. It's been a while since I tested, so I hauled my ass down to the high school track and did a 1 mile jog. According to this, my VO2max is roughly 39.39 ml/kg/min. I'm not sure how much I trust all this, but it's a guideline. The goal is for that number to go up - move more oxygen per minute.

coffee w/ milk
cottage cheese
eggs w/ turkey bacon & chipotle dipping sauce

I know I didn't eat much today. I was really busy.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I'm back, I think.

It's been a very long, stressful month. I was working a lot, transitioning from school jobs to my new job at the hotel, which I love. I work four ten-hour shifts. I'm looking for a second job on my other days off because I'm about to be a single mom. My husband and I are separating (I initiated it) and my son and I are moving into a new place mid-summer. We're still in the house with my husband, and it's been stressful, to say the least. I've been busy and depressed and unmotivated. I've kept my weight in check fairly well, but I haven't been working out. It's time to get back to it.

I was planning on starting July 1, which is a Sunday and would have been a good starting point because the second half of the year begins, it's a new month, blah, blah, blah. But workout buddy, Melissa, wants to start this week. So I'm starting tomorrow. That sexy bitch lost over 100 pounds, got a tummy tuck, and is altogether fabulous.

So what am I doing? There was a lot of debate. I really like doing my own thing, but I've been finding that I stick to a program better. I was going to do New Rules of Lifting for Women again, because it's awesome, but I recently got the latest book, New Rules of Lifting for Life, and Melissa and I decided to go with that. It's highly customizable, but with guidance. So even though Melty and I will be doing the same program, our workouts are going to look very different. Here is what I'm planning for phase 1. All lifts are 2x15, and planks for 30 seconds.

Workout A:
plank w/ reduced base of support
push away

box jump

front squat
db 3 pt row
step up
push up

met: burpees (or HIIT 15 from Turbo Fire)

Workout B:
side plank w/ reduced base of support
spiderman plank

elevated explosive push up

suspended push up
split squat w/ rear foot elevated
inverted row

met: shadow boxing (Turbo Jam Twist)

On off days, I'm going to be doing some Insanity Asylum and Turbo Fire workouts. I also have a few running events planned for the summer. The first one is a 5K in the sand on Monday. But tomorrow, I have my Insanity Asylum Fit Test. I've tried to schedule my lifting on my days off from the hotel, and cardio will be after work. If I get a second job, everything is going to go to evenings. My new place has a garage, so I'm excited to have a good workout space.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 5

Busy, busy week again. Food was okay, no exercise. No time!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 4

Busy, busy, busy week! Food was decent but I didn't get much exercise. I've been so busy!! I think I said that. Everything is going well, though.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 3 - Sunday

Today I did the Cupcake 5K with my friend. It was her first 5K so I was really excited to run with her. I walked there (the long way) and ran home, so I probably did about 5 miles today.

I'm down 16 pounds from my dreadful high (since April 1). I think I'm back, baby! Only 23 to go.

cupcake - I had to have one. My friend started her own vegan baked goods company and she was one of the people providing cupcakes for the 5K.
eggs w/ turkey bacon & chipotle sauce
pork tenderloin & mixed vegetables w/ olive oil

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 2 - Saturday

No workout today. I'm resting for the Cupcake 5K tomorrow. I did walk the mile and a half there and back to pick up my race packet.

coffee w/ half & half
sausage w/ cheese
almonds & chocolate

Friday, May 18, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 2 - Friday

These were all 3x5.

box squat - 3x5x115 lbs - Up from last week.
single leg dumbbell calf raise - 3x5x25 lbs

assisted chin up
low incline bench press - 3x5x35 lbs

plank on Bosu ball - 3x45 sec
barbell push press - 3x5x55 lbs - Up from last week.

sumo deadlift w/ sandbag - 3x5x100 lbs - I had to change from straight leg DLs because the bag was rubbing the skin on my knees and shins raw.
lying dumbbell row - 3x5x25 lbs

After this, I did a metabolic workout - 1 minute of bench jumps, 1 minute of burpees with the Bosu ball, 1 minute of box jumps (18"), rest one minute, repeat twice. I LOVED IT!!!!

egg & cheese omelet
cake & cookie - Bad, I know.

Damn, I have to get my diet straightened out.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 2 - Thursday

No workout today. The back of my knee hurts and I want to rest it before my 5K on Sunday.

egg & cheese omelet

Not a good day, obviously.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 2 - Wednesday

dumbbell step up 3x12
suspended row 3x10

barbell good morning 3x12x65 lbs
standing barbell calf raise 3x12x65 lbs

bent over barbell row 3x12x45 lbs
medicine ball push up 3x10

dumbbell shoulder press 3x12x15 lbs
side plank 3x30 seconds

Then I did HIIT 15 from Turbo Fire. I felt awesome!!!

pizza toppings & broccoli
eggs w/ turkey bacon

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 2 - Tuesday

No workout today. Food was kind of crappy, too. I ate some tater tots and a couple chicken nuggets at work. But I ate a decent dinner - chicken cordon bleu!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 2 - Sunday

No workout today. I didn't get much sleep and I woke up with a terrible headache. I'm a wreck because I went to see my mom in the hospital yesterday. I don't know what I was expecting. She had double bypass surgery on Tuesday and she's still in the ICU because her oxygen levels aren't going up and she's in a lot of pain from where they had to drain fluid from her lungs. I've never seen my mom so tired and scared. I held it together until I left, but I didn't even make it to the elevators before I started bawling, and I cried the entire two hour drive home. I went straight to bed (though I did get up to eat two hot dogs - I was actually craving spaghetti and meatballs).  I was up late, crying on and off. I'm scared. This is my mom.

I didn't eat much today - just some mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers. Oh, and some almonds.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 1 - Saturday

I did a few miles with my friend this morning, then hit the weights, all 3x5.

box squat - 3x5x100 lbs
single leg dumbbell calf raise - 3x5x25 lbs

assisted chin up
low incline bench press - 3x5x35 lbs

plank - 3x45 sec
barbell push press - 3x5x45 lbs

stiff leg deadlift - 3x5x100 lbs
lying dumbbell row - 3x5x25 lbs

This workout kicked my butt! I am so proud of the routines I put together for this block of time. I've lost some strength since my, um, hiatus, but I feel motivated to get my muscles back.

banana, coffee w/ half & half
venti Java Chip from Starbucks

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 1 - Thursday

Today was moderate weight/rep exercises, followed by Turbo Fire HIIT 15.

dumbbell step up 3x12 - no weight because I was using my plyo box and it's 18"
suspended row 3x10

barbell good morning 3x12x65 lbs
standing barbell calf raise 3x12x65 lbs

bent over barbell row 3x12x45 lbs
medicine ball push up 3x10 - I did these on my knees, but I did them well!

dumbbell shoulder press 3x12x15 lbs
side plank 3x30 seconds

Then I did HIIT 15 from Turbo Fire. I am worn out!


I did not eat well today. I didn't eat junk like I did yesterday, but I had corn dog nuggets, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a roll for lunch. And sausage for breakfast. My post-workout snack was two granola bars. Then I ate eggs and turkey bacon. Not a good food day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 1 - Wednesday

No workout again today. It was a stressful busy day, and I wanted to drink when I got home.

cake - Damn it
apple & turkey burger (no bun)
Philly cheesesteak (meat & cheese only)
peanut butter & Nutella sandwich - to go with all the alcohol
Sno-caps - because they were in my purse.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 1 - Tuesday

No workout today. I was up very late and needed some sleep. Immediately after work, I had to go to Virginia. My mom had double bypass surgery this morning. She's going to be fine.

iced coffee w/ milk
beans w/ cheese & salsa
eggs w/ turkey bacon & chipotle sauce

Monday, May 7, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 1 - Monday

I woke up early and met my running buddy for some intervals around the Wright Brothers monument. My body is sore from yesterday's workout. We did about 2 miles. After work, I did Turbo Jam Fat Blaster.

iced coffee w/ milk
eggs w/ chipotle sauce
honey barbecue beef & chicken tenders
eggs w/ chipotle sauce, turkey bacon

I was a cow today.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Countdown To Summer - Week 1 - Sunday

I'm starting an 8-week fitness challenge today. I made it up myself so if it sucks, too bad.

Today's workout was low/body weight, high rep stuff, followed by a Sweet 16 Tabata (that's four tabatas in a row). For those not in the know, a tabata is a 4-minute workout - 8 intervals of 20 seconds of all out work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. As always, I do alternating sets of exercises, so I paired them accordingly. These are all 3 sets of 15-20.

walking lunge
pike push up

dumbbell shrug (25 lbs)
seated row w/ resistance band

push up
donkey kick

SHELC (supine hip extension with leg curl)

Today's tabata moves: mountain climbers, Turbo Jam twist, run stance squats (from P90X), and butt kicks/high knees. It was rough. LOL

slim jim w/ cheese
pork ribs w/ barbecue sauce
eggs & cheese w/ chipotle sauce
apple & cottage cheese

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So, it's my birthday.

I'm 37 today.

I know I haven't blogged since Storm The Beach. It's been a very rough week and a half. The good news is, I've lost about 10 pounds since STB. There are things going on in my life right now that I'm not going to get into here, at least not yet. There's nothing medically wrong but my personal life is complete chaos and I'm trying to sort all of that out. As a result, I have no appetite. There were a few days when I couldn't eat for 24-36 hours, and even then, I had to force myself to eat something (protein focus!!). Most of the time, I still have no appetite, but I am getting better about eating, AND eating the right things. Though, last night I did have a small bowl of ice cream. It made me not feel well. But I'm trying. I haven't been exercising like I should, but I've managed to get out a couple times for a walk/run with one my my team camp friends. I have my GO FAR 5K this weekend, and I'm looking forward to that. I got the latest New Rules of Lifting book and I'm trying to make sense of that. It's very different from the previous 3 books. You get to build your own program this time. Of course, the book offers a sample plan but you can make your own. I'm trying to get my shit together so I can start this really soon. I need to get back to lifting. I feel weak, and I need to feel strong right now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Storm The Beach - Kill Devil Hills, NC - April 21, 2012

I managed to get a little bit of sleep the night before the race. I had to get up early and take care of the PTO's table at a yard sale. I love the school and I love working there and I love volunteering, but those 4 hours were a complete waste of time. I spent all my time thinking about Storm The Beach, wondering if would be harder than the Spartan, what obstacles there would be, freaking out about how I'm going to get over the big wall. Unlike the Spartan, I actually trained a bit for this. I have spent the last six weeks with the people on my team. I had an idea on some of the obstacles but there were still a lot of unknowns. At team camp, we practiced under, over, and through tubes. We climbed walls. Well, once, and I was scared shitless. We did pull ups because we'd need to be able to pull ourselves up over a wall - and that's the obstacle that freaked me out for two weeks. According to our trainer, it would have a cheater board two feet off the ground, then we'd have to get ourselves over the other 5 feet.

And of course, there was the running to be freaked out about. I'm getting better but I'm still not at the level my team mates are. And running with sandbags? Ugh. I put all my money on adrenaline getting me through. I thought, surely, this won't be as difficult as the Spartan. I was convinced it couldn't possibly be. I did a Spartan race, damn it. Granted, it was just a Sprint and nothing as bad ass as a Super or Beast or even a Tough Mudder (which people are still hounding me to do in October). But that Spartan Sprint took me two and a half mother fucking hours. Storm The Beach wouldn't take that long, I was assured. I didn't know how long the course was, but I can barely run a 5K road race in 45 minutes or less. So, I was shooting for under 90 minutes at first, then thought, I can do it in under an hour. I was determined not to hold my team up any more than I had to.

Initially, I was going to get dropped off and Sam and Sebastian would come later for the family event. We changed our minds so Sebastian could play in the water while I did my thing. We walked the half mile or so from our house to the start/finish line. One of the great things about the Outer Banks is that we have a marathon, triathlon, two half-marathons, and now our very own obstacle course race. I can WALK to the events. We walked all the way to the end of the closest road that goes to the beach and I climbed up to check out the obstacles. From there, I could see the cones blocking people from sunbathing along our course. People could use the beach, but the soft sand was set aside for us. All I could see in terms of obstacles was a tire flip. So we left that beach access and walked the rest of way. Sebastian complained about the distance the whole time. I gleefully reminded him that he as 5K in two weeks. A mile is nothing.

I got there and found some of my OBX Team Campers - not all of them would be on my team. Two of my teammates were there. The other two, Kathy & Charlie, were still running in the individual Hero division. They are so bad ass. And wonderful teammates. They are the two who talked me into doing this in the first place. Thank you, guys!

And while I'm kissing ass, I really need to take a few minutes to thank Samantha Brown. She brought GO FAR to the Outer Banks a few years ago and I was fortunate enough to get involved as a coach. I had never done any running up to that point and I thought it would be a great way to start. I had an IT band injury early on and it turned out that I couldn't train for my first 5K but I ran/walked it anyway. But I had the bug. I came back in the spring for another session and I ran my first entire 5K, the Bunny Hop. A month later, I hit another personal best time in the GO FAR 5K. (Of course, after that, food and exercise pretty much went to shit and I gained back 40 pounds.) After that, I wanted to do more 5Ks and other races, and then my cousin came along with his Spartan nonsense. And I must say, after just two events (and one alresdy booked for next year), I'm addicted. And I have Samantha to thank for starting me running. Someday I will run a marathon for her. Until then, I'll just take care of the GO FAR kids.

So back to the race. Disclaimer: I don't remember the exact order of the obstacles. It's the next day as I write this and since the race, I've been to a very awesome wedding reception and I was up at 5 AM to feed the half-marathon runners at the Flying Pirate (which, by the way, is most likely my next running event challenge). Our wave was supposed to start at 2 PM but Kathy & Charlie were still running in the Hero race. They arrived and rested up a bit, then we took off. It was a grueling run through the soft sand. I think I was able to run, and by run, I mean zombie stagger, about three-fourths of that stretch, then walked to the first obstacle. It was over some tubes - just two, and they were lower than in practice. Easy, peasy. More running, more suckage. Later, there were some tree branches we had to go under. And again, much easier than in practice. Then we had to wade out into the ocean and around a bouy. The water was freezing and there weren't enough boats. Half the people on our team were going to die. Of course, I was the one knocked over by a wave during an ill-timed attempt to get there. It knocked me on my face in the sand.

We had to stand at the buoy a little longer than sanity would normally allow to get our picture taken. Plus a team member had to pee. It wasn't me, but it did make me appreciate our local area's natural obstacles. What I wouldn't have given for an ocean at the Spartan. 

After the buoy, there was more running. And I really don't remember the order of the obstacles. We had a little maze of crab pots or some shit like that. Then the tire flip, which out of all the obstacles here, WAS harder than the one at the Spartan. At the Spartan, I had a baby tire and only had to do 4 flips. Here, we had to flip giant tires about 30-50 feet (I really have no clue) down and back. We could do two to a tire, but it was still exhausting. So score 1 for the Spartan in terms of pleasure. There was also a tire drag. We had to drag a tire on a rope down to the water and back. Hmmm, what else. At the turn around point, we had to run with sandbags to the water station. Not so bad. 

The second half of the course was much easier because we could run on the harder sand. The obstacles on the return were pretty easy. There was a sandbag raise (like the concrete filled buckets at the Spartan but much easier). I'm so glad I had my gloves on for this one. There was a sandbag hop, but we learned at Team Camp that it's easier to find the biggest bag you can and shuffle along. So that's what I did. Then of course, we had to do the bouy again and again I got my ass kicked by a wave. Near the end, there was a pool floaty obstacle, kind of like football tires but with innertubes. And you could get through them anyway you wanted. Sweet. We had to crawl through tubes, too. There were 5 or 6 of varying sizes. I could have picked a short one to just crawl through, but damn it, I came to Storm The Beach to challenge myself, so I picked the skinniest, longest tube and shimmied through it. Rock on, bitch!

Then, the dreaded mother fucking wall. I was nervous about getting over it. First though, I had to get over a smaller wall (pretty much like the little ones at the Spartan), then two more like it OR climb over two with boards on them - they called them ladders. I took the ladders to conserve energy for the big wall. I didn't think I'd be able to get over it, but my amazing fucking team got me over. I had to swing myself over and jump down but I really wasn't thinking  about anything at that point, other than just do it. After the big wall, it was a short way to the finish line. The last thing we had to do was step in garbage cans half full of water. It actually felt good because my god damn shoes were so full of god damn sand. They'd been full of sand from the start line! I hate sand in my shoes as much as I hate wet feet, and there I was with wet, sandy feet. 

People find our team name amusing. Why Sausage? Because Sam used to take sausage to work every day for lunch, and they started calling him Sausage. When I signed us up, it asked for a team name and I had no idea they would actually put the team names on the bibs!! I about died at the Expo when I picked up our packets. 

I need a tech shirt of my own. My teammate let me borrow one of hers. Those things rock.

I'm pretty self-conscious about my body, even when I was 40 pounds lighter. I was not looking forward to wearing the tech shirt, but it was advised so we wouldn't get scraped up. I've never raced in long sleeves or a tech shirt before. I was just going to wear my tank top that I used for training. But damn, that tech shit is amazing. I loved it. I don't think I necessarily needed it for coverage - I was trying to get a little sun - but it did keep me pretty cool. Anyway, my point here is, I wasn't looking forward to something so form fitting. I know I'm fat. It's not something I hide. I also don't care to put it on display. But a mile in, I realized that no one fucking cares that I look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. And I realized just before the start of the race that my thunder thighs had finally beat the pants. The seams were wearing out and I just hoped like hell they wouldn't fall apart. Thank goodness I wore underwear! These are my favorite workout pants :( They are lucky. I wore them when I ran my first Bunny Hop. I wore them for the Spartan. Come Tuesday, they will be off to the landfill :(

Here's my team, nearing the finish line. We did finish in under an hour, according to Sam. I don't have an official team time though.

Charlie's Angels - Charlie (in the middle) and Kathy (between Charlie and me) both ran the Hero Division before the team event. They are rockstars!!

Just before the family event. Sebastian was anxious to get moving. I was happy to be still. I wish I'd kept my medal on though. Many, many thanks to my new friend and running buddy, Sherry, for taking the picture.

This is why I run - for the pretties.

The family event after was okay. Sebastian wanted obstacles, not frisbee tosses and egg carrying. Next year, he's doing the team event. Next year, I would really like to do the First Flight 5K, Storm the Beach (Hero & Team divisions) and the Flying Pirate Half Marathon. We'll see. I still have the Tough Mudder to pull the trigger on.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 6 - Friday

I had a can of green beans with canola oil after I blogged last night. I was so hungry. I'm not sure I can do low carb. I'm not sure I can do Weight Watchers. I am not sure I can do anything anymore.

Today was the last day of team camp. I wasn't sure I wanted to go because I did not get any sleep last night. I was going to skip and try to get an hour nap, but decided not to. We didn't work out super hard, but it was exhausting.

Food was not great but not horrible.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 6 - Thursday

No workout today. Just an early PTO meeting.

ice coffee w/ half & half
chicken Caesar salad
roast turkey
Brazil nuts
peanut butter sandwich

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 6 - Wednesday

Off to the beach this morning for team camp. It was so much fun! Except for the running, of course. The running itself wasn't so bad, but when you have to carry a sandbag (in the soft sand!) it kind of sucks. We practiced under, over and through tubes. Man, if I could train with obstacles every day, I would be in heaven!

iced coffee w/ half & half
apple & cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs
turkey burger (no bun) w/ avocado
salad w/ peppers, turkey bacon, hard boiled eggs & ranch dressing
Smirnoff Ice - I am not normally a drinker but I wanted to try a new flavor. It was good. I only had one.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 6 - Tuesday

No workout today. I did want to get up and do some Turbo Jam this morning but I also really, really wanted to sleep a little bit longer. I did run with my GO FAR kids for a bit this afternoon.

iced coffee w/ half & half
apple & cottage cheese
hamburger w/ cheese, pepper slices
roasted pork loin
ice cream - I found a Klondike bar hidden in my ice bucket. So I ate it. Then I ate another one that was in the other freezer. Damn it.
hard boiled egg

Storm The Beach - Week 6 - Monday

This is it! The last week of team camp! It's been fun, sort of, but I can't wait for it to be over.

We went to the beach today. We had to run a bit, I kept up fairly well and didn't cry. We also practiced some of the obstacles we'll be facing Saturday. We ran with a 15-pound sandbag, we crawled through 20-foot tubes into the surf (awesome!!!) and at the end, we had do climb a 14-foot wall. I wasn't doing it (because I'm afraid of heights and I'm always worry that my fat ass is going to break something) but they made me. It wasn't horrible. I almost went again to make sure I really could do it. When I got to the top, one of the trainers called me back to the railing but I told him there was no way I was looking down. I know I have to get over my fear of shit like this. All in all, today was fun.

iced coffee w/ half & half
apple & cottage cheese
beef patty w/ barbecue sauce & potato
hard boiled eggs & pepper slices
salad w/ hamburger & light dressing

I'm logging in MyFitnessPal again. I hate it, but whatever.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 5 - Sunday

I went walking/running with a friend from team camp today. We did three miles. It was good.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 5 - Saturday

I spent the entire day sitting on my ass, either working on my script or at the movies seeing Titanic. Yes, again.

Nothing but junk, all damn day :(

Friday, April 13, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 5 - Friday

Off to the beach this morning, for team camp. Only to get there and have it be declared too cold, so back to the gym we went. We did some cardio, then leg work, then some upper body. It was good.

Food, however, was not. I held it together fairly well until I decided I want ice cream. Then I over-bought and over ate.

I hate myself.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 5 - Thursday

No workout today. I've been trying to get caught up on my Script Frenzy project. 100 pages in 30 days. I'm on page 6, and the halfway point is Sunday. Oops. Slacker.

tea w/ half & half
onion & cheese omelet, watermelon
spaghetti w/ meatballs
chocolate peanut butter no bake cookie - My husband asked for these for his birthday (tomorrow) and I made a batch with Splenda to see how it would taste. It tastes great, except for the peanut butter. I'm not all that crazy about peanut butter in my cookies.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 5 - Wednesday

We were supposed to be on the beach today, doing all that awful shit that made me cry like a baby last week. Fortunately, it was cold and windy, so we went to the gym and did push ups and other awful shit without the wind. It was a good workout. I like working with weights. I love weight lifting.

I am really ready for this event to be over. I don't like getting up before 5 AM to go do stuff that makes me cry half the time. Certain things about team camp, I love. Others, I really, really hate. I'm so torn on doing another session. The people are fantastic but this really isn't my style. For one thing, it costs money, and I'm cheap, and as I've demonstrated, I am not getting my money's worth because I haven't made it to every session. So even paying for a service is no guarantee I'll get the maximum benefit from it.

tea w/ half & half
eggs w/ cheese & turkey bacon
hamburger on oopsie roll
oopsie roll w/ sugar free jam - Okay, if I am being honest, I ate the entire batch of oopsies today.
chicken enchilada pie
tea w/ half & half

Storm The Beach - Week 5 - Tuesday

Crappy food day. I suck.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 5 - Monday

I didn't make it to team camp this morning. Normally, when my alarm goes off at 4:45, I close my eyes and lie there listening to talk radio for a few minutes, the end of Coast To Coast AM. Last night, the radio station was dead air (for the billionth time - East Carolina Radio truly sucks. Back when they played good music, they had this problem a lot, then they switched over to conservative talk radio (except for C2C) and have still had this problem. It's like they don't get the feed from whatever show they are airing, and don't even realize it or care.). So it was 6:30 when my alarm went off again.

iced coffee w/ half & half
hard boiled eggs
broccoli & almonds

And then I started eating a bunch of junk. Damn it. I hate this freaking cycle.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Storm The Beach - Week 4 - Sunday

I'm down 2 pounds this week. I could have done better. And I totally ruined the little bit of progress I made by going to the movies and eating popcorn and movie candy, then carbing up at home. Le sigh.

Storm The Beach - Week 4 - Saturday

Today was our GO FAR fundraiser race, the Bunny Hop 5K. Last year's inaugural Bunny Hop 5K was the first race I ever ran all the way through, and it's my favorite race to run. As long as I am living on the Outer Banks,  I will be running this race. And I do mean run! I ran the whole thing today. My time wasn't as good as last year but I did it. I ran to raise money for OBX GO FAR and a local family. I ran in honor of some family members who died last night in a train accident. I ran for myself, because I needed to remind myself that I can do it.

Two of my GO FAR kids came in second in their age/gender divisions. I'm so damn proud of them. I'm proud of my son, who insisted he didn't need us during the Jelly Bean Fun Run, and he ran the whole thing all by himself. In four weeks, he is running his second 5K. Last year, I ran the GO FAR 5K and had my best race time ever. This year, I'm running with Sebastian. We walked the Jingle Bell 5K back in December, but this time, he's going to run. I can't wait.

I also can't wait for Storm The Beach!!! Sebastian begged me to let him do it, so I signed him and Sam up for the non-competitive family division. Then I decided to go ahead and do it with them. So I will have about 90 minutes to complete the event with my Team Camp before I'm needed for Round 2. I know it took 2 1/2 hours for the Spartan but I really don't think this is going to be as difficult. I hope not, anyway. It will suck, for sure, but I think it will be quicker torture than the Spartan.

banana & cupcake - I wasn't going to have a cupcake after the race, but Sebastian brought one to me and I couldn't turn him down.
quesadilla burger w/ fries, brownie & ice cream - The three of us split the dessert.
pasta salad & cheese