Sunday, November 25, 2012

Zuzka Challenge - Day 2 - ZWOW #31

I'm using a random number generator to pick my workouts. Today was ZWOW #31, and it was a bitch.

3 rounds, for time:
10 push ups - I did these on my knees
20 burpees
30 squat jumps
40 mountain climbers
50 sit ups - I did crunches. I hate sit ups. I think they are useless for abs.

My total time was: 28:45. The burpees were a real bitch. I did them slowly. I hate burpees. I also wore my heart rate monitor, and my alleged calori burn was 275.

bacon ranch salad w/ crispy chicken & fries from McDonald's

That's it. I was preoccupied today and not all that hungry.

Tomorrow's workout.

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