Sunday, September 2, 2012

MMA Challenge - Tapout XT - W1D2

Looking back at yesterday's blog, I realize I didn't actually eat the cauliflower with olive oil & cheese because I was sleeping! I fell asleep after my quinoa (around 5:30, while watching Friends), and got up several hours later to post my blog and shut down my laptop. I really dropped the ball on yesterday. I'm still really tired. I wanted to bring an apple to work today and I forgot. Grr.

And I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I don't know why. I feel like I have no time for anything. I will be home by 6 tonight, work out, shower & bed by 8. That's plenty of time for what I need to do today. It might not just be today that freaks me out. I've mentioned that I'm separated from my husband. He has been taking our son to school on the days I work, but now he is also moving far enough away that it won't be a possibility anymore. I am trying to get my job back at the school so my son can still go there (we actually live on the other side of the district line) and I can just take him. For now though, I have to get us both up at 5:30 AM, go to my job at the hotel for about 45 minutes, then take 30 minutes to take him to school. I have to start work early so I don't lose any hours during the week. And of course, I have my big PTO fundraiser to stress about. I will be very happy on October 7.

Today's workout was Tapout XT Cross Core Combat. It was exhausting and fun. I couldn't complete the Grinder at the end and I had to modify a lot of the push up and plank stuff. But it was a good workout. I enjoyed it. I didn't wear my heart rate monitor but I took 4 Activity Points for it.

Food [WW P+  values]:
coffee w/ milk [3] - I use whole milk, and I used my sweetener...8 drops. It's neotame, which is similar to aspartame...nasty stuff. So starting next week, I'll hopefully be down to 6 drops.
apple & string cheese [4]
quinoa [5] - Last night's left overs. I have enough for lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, as well.
grapes [0]
scrambled eggs w/ onions & cheese [10]

I know I'm psyching myself out but I'm not really all that hungry (yet). I'm not eating enough. I should be aiming for 26-29 points per day. I have the Ultimate WW Diary app on my phone (Android or iPhone), and it gives you a "boost" option, which cuts 3 points off your daily target. So I should be eating at least 23 points a day. I know, within a week, I'll be ravenous and I'll be eating my 26-29 plus my activity points and some weekly points. So I am not going to worry about my under eating right now.


Sable Weisman said...

Be careful with that undereating... it can be really hard to shake yourself out of it and eat more!

Becky Walker said...

I know. I'm not typically an undereater.