Monday, March 27, 2017

36 Days - Stronglifts - Week 2 - Monday

Regular coffee today, folks.It's Monday. I think I need regular coffee on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'll shoot for cold brewed on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Workout B-2

squat - 5x5x85 lbs
overhead press - 5x5x45 lbs - Yes, I know this is what I did last week, but since I couldn't complete that last set, I'm repeating the weight.
deadlift - 5x5x95 lbs

There is no way in hell I am increasing my weights for the next round. These were difficult and I think my form was off.

Breakfast - coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [12]
Lunch - yogurt & pepper slices [3]
Dinner - omelet w/ pepperoni, cheese and salsa [14]

I'm not happy with the amount of food I ate today but whatever. I need to eat. Still working on hitting those macros.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

37 Days - Stronglifts - Week 2 - Sunday

So, going into Week 7, I've lost 11.5 pounds. Yes, I know it's because I'm hardly eating, basically living on my coffee creamer. I know that shit has to stop. I have to get over this fucking mental hurdle. This is why I hate trying to lose weight. It fucks with my head. I feel guilty eating anything, and all I want is junk, my comfort food.


Breakfast - coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [6] - I'm going to start iced coffee tomorrow. Hopefully I will like that better with the protein powder and milk.
Lunch - tuna w/ light mayo on light English muffin [8]
Dinner - I was going to eat, but I got pissed off so fuck it.
Snack - banana [0]

Saturday, March 25, 2017

38 Days - Stronglifts - Week 1 - Saturday

I am really a cranky fucking bitch today. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I want to eat total crap and my weight loss is slow. I still look like a giant blob. Why the fuck am I doing this? I'm hella resentful that I can't eat what I want.


Breakfast - coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [10] - I am actually starting to scale back on shit a bit.

Friday, March 24, 2017

39 Days - Stronglifts - Week 1 - Friday

I am not really enjoying Stronglifts. I like that it takes 20 minutes or less to work out, but I feel like 3 exercises are not enough. I have 5 more weeks of this countdown challenge, then I am going to switch programs again. I really, really want to do all the NROL programs straight through. I printed out all my spreadsheets for all of the programs. I have to create a new calendar for it. The one I created last year won't work. Because I didn't start. At least it will give me a chance to play with my spreadsheets.

Workout A-2

squat - 5x5x80 lbs
bench press - 5x5x55 lbs
barbell row - 5x5x55 lbs


Breakfast - coffee w/ Splenda & creamer [10]
Lunch - Air [0]
Dinner - tuna w/ light mayonnaise and celery on light English muffin [7]

Thursday, March 23, 2017

40 Days - Stronglifts - Week 1 - Thursday

My legs and shoulders are sore today :(


Breakfast - coffee a/ Splenda & creamer [4]
Lunch - banana, hard boiled eggs, green beans & peppers [6]
Dinner - I didn't bother. I'm bitter that I'm afraid to eat food I enjoy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

41 Days - Stronglifts - Week 1 - Wednesday

I am really not crazy about coffee with milk and protein powder. It's not awful, and I can drink it. It's just not my coffee. I'm hoping I just need time to adjust. Today was the first day taking my two big cups to work with no creamer. It's still the same number of points (that I was counting) but the macros are better. I've been way over on carbs lately, mostly because of the creamer. I could eat so much more if I could give it up. Calorie-wise, I'm saving about 200 calories with the protein powder. Bah! It sucks.

Workout B-1

squat - 5x5x75 lbs
overhead press - 5x5x45 lbs
deadlift - 1x5x85 lbs

The overhead presses were fucking brutal. By my last set, I couldn't do a 5 in a row. I did 3, racked the bar for a minute, then did the last 2. There is no way in hell I can increase it to 50 pounds next week. No. Way.


Breakfast - coffee w/ milk & protien powder [11]
Lunch - Nothing. I was still choking down my coffee.
Dinner - pork loin & quinoa bean salad [14]

I was under on points (again) and really under calories. I hit my carb goal for the day but was way under on protein and fat. It took everything in me just to eat all my dinner. I really need to work on eating during the day. I packed a good lunch for tomorrow but a lot depends on what I decide for coffee creamer when I get up.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

42 Days - Stronglifts - Week 1 - Tuesday

No time for chit chat today!


Breakfast - coffee w/ Splenda and creamer [12]
Snack - banana & peppers [0]
Lunch - chicken breast and quinoa bean salad [10]
Dinner - yogurt [3]

I was hungry as fuck this morning and actually ate my lunch at lunch time.