Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NROL4L - Week 1 - Tuesday

I needed to change my workout that I posted on Sunday, just a bit. I don't have the equipment to do push aways, so I'm doing Swiss ball mountain climbers instead.

plank w/ reduced base of support - 2x15 sec per side
Swiss ball mountain climber - 2x15 per side

box jumps - 2x8 - OMG, I love these. I need a higher box though. Mine is only 18 inches.

front squat - 2x15x45 lbs
3 pt db row - 2x15x25 lbs per side
step up - 2x15 per side (bodyweight) - Holy crap, these were challenging.
push up - 2x15 - I did them all on my knees.

For my metabolic workout, I ran 30/30 intervals for 10 minutes.

coffee w/ milk
carrot smoothie

I know I didn't eat enough today. I had no appetite.

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