Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pre-Marathon Training: Week 2


No run today. I was tired when I got up from my two hours of crappy sleep, and it was too hot and humid to run after work.

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • turkey sandwich

Rest day. Busy work day.

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • salami, cheese & pretzels
  • cheesy ranch chicken & pasta
  • salami, cheese & crackers

I sucked it up and did my scheduled mileage. I walked the whole thing. Not even a jog. I have to start doing this shit in the mornings.

Before heart rate: 85 bpm
Total distance: 1.27 miles
1 mile pace: 16:31
Total distance pace: 16:52
Minutes per mile: 16:42
Duration: 21:12
After heart rate: 125 bpm
Calories burned: 117

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • pasta salad
  • salad w/ chicken breast, cheese, salsa & sour cream

No weights today. Deja vu.

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • salad w/ chicken breast, cheese & ranch dressing
  • Swiss roll and Nutty bar - I resisted for an entire 24 hours

No walk today. 

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • salami
  • baby carrots w/ hummus
  • smoked sausage & cheese on potato roll w/ baked beans
  • Nutty bar - Damn it. I had a moment of weakness and immediately hated myself.

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • pork chop, plain ravioi, avocado & cheese - It was clean out the fridge and freezer night! I hate grocery shopping when there are tons of half-containers and left overs.
  • corn dog
  • cheesecake

Hahahaha. No walk today either. LOL :(

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • ham & turkey sandwiches
  • potato roll and cheese - don't ask!
  • spaghetti
Yes, I know my shit needs work. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Pre-Marathon Training: Week 1


I went to bed last night with good intentions. I was going to get up at 6 AM and do my scheduled run before work. Nope. Woke up, had coffee, finished Season 10 of Friends and went about my day. I didn't want to run. I didn't want to do this bullshit at all. It was raining, I was tired. I was lazy.

But I fucking did it anyway. Granted, it was only a 1 mile walk and my calves hurt and my upper back wanted to run away. I did it, and I didn't die or even cry. So here are my lame stats:

Before heart rate: 97 bpm - it's not normally this high but I think the anxiety of it all jacked it up.
Total distance: 1.16 miles - I didn't start my app until I got to a certain point, but left it on until I got to the door of my apartment. I think I'm going to do it that way from now on. I have mileage routes planned out, but I'm going to track from the time I step out the door until the time I get back to that same point.
1 mile pace: 18:35 - I wish I could say it was leisurely but it wasn't :(
Total distance pace: 18:09 - I had to jog in a few spots to avoid traffic. I live in the city. Fortunately, the neighborhood behind my ghetto is lovely.
Minutes per mile: 18:31
Duration: 21:23
After heart rate: 122 bpm - Meh.
Calories burned: 106

Food is something I always struggle with. I didn't eat a whole lot last week. Here is what I had today:
  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer - If you know me at all, you know this is my kryptonite. I cannot and will not give this up, or even cut back on this 200 calorie deliciousness.
  • chocolate stuffed Twinkie - pre-workout carbs, you know
  • red pepper slices - See, I can have balance!
  • sausage biscuit with gravy - don't judge me!
  • ice cream - I said don't judge me!

I changed my schedule around a bit, due to my work hours. Tuesdays will be my rest days. Good thing, too, because all I had today was my coffee. Wait, I lied. I had some cottage cheese for dinner.


Today was another one-miler. I tried to pick up the pace a bit. I think I did okay. I even ran a bit. Probably just a quarter-mile. It felt good though. And by "good" I mean I can't wait for this to be over.

Before heart rate: 93 bpm
Total distance: 1.28 miles
1 mile pace: 15:16
Total distance pace: 16:41
Minutes per mile: 15:35
Duration: 19:57
After heart rate: 124 bpm
Calories burned: 127

Food for the day:
  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • pretzels
  • chicken ranchero wrap & Mean Bean Java Monster
  • baked potato - okay, it was French fries
  • donut - sigh, I had resisted these for days

Today was supposed to be upper body/core day. But I didn't have time, and probably won't have time on Saturday for it, either. so we will start that next week, okay? Cool.

Food for the day:
  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • giant salad w/ cheese, sour cream, taco meat (no chips or anything)


Now let me say something about this session. I knew it wasn't going to be any record breaker before I even got out of bed. It's my day off, so of course I'm up way earlier than normal. I just wanted my coffee and the Today Show. I knew I had a ton of stuff to get done today so I had to be efficient. I needed to go to the grocery store but didn't have my car (Brianna is in for an oil change) so I figured I would see how far it is to the store. Luckily for me, it was a mile. Why the slow pace? Because it was already hot as Laverne Cox outside and there was immediate moisture on my mustache when I stepped out the door. Because there is a whole gang of ducks that lives in the pond area behind my apartment complex, and I was sidestepping duck shit and actual ducks who seemed to think they owned the place.

Before heart rate: 85 bpm - I actually measured before I left my second floor apartment.
Total distance: 1.14 miles
1 mile pace: 17:12
Total distance pace: 17:59
Minutes per mile: 17:21
Duration: 19:50
After heart rate: 111 bpm (at first my phone sensor said 233 bpm - stupid app)
Calories burned: 102

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • bacon Whopper and fries
  • pork chops and roasted red potatoes

So no workout today and I barely ate anything (coffee, preztels & cheese). Work was insanely hectic and I had a ton of shit to do after. Once it was all done, I exercised my brain by reading a book.


Yeah, it was way too hot to even breathe outside today, so I read another book. 

  • coffee w/ Splenda & French vanilla creamer
  • cheese stuffed meatballs
  • sweet & sour chicken with vegetable fried rice
Lessons learned this week: I hate running and need to work on my nutrition.