Tuesday, November 13, 2012

49 days to a new me

I did not run this morning, and honestly, I probably won't start until January. I am enjoying Turbo Jam too much. I did Cardio Party 3 today, which is my favorite Turbo workout. I wasn't sure I'd have the energy for it, but once I got rolling, it rocked! LOL See what I did there?

My son was home sick again today, so no work for me. Well, he wasn't sick, but he can't go to school if he has thrown up within 24 hours.

coffee w/ half & half
eggs w/ Sweet Heat Addiction, toast w/ butter
coffee w/ half & half - Yes, again - I am going to be up all damn night!
meatballs & mashed potatoes w/ gravy
pumpkin muffin

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