Friday, July 6, 2012

NROL4L - Week 2 - Friday

I had a light English muffin with butter after I blogged last night.

Today was Workout A, still with some modifications because of my toe.

plank - 2xMax
side plank - 2xMax, each side - Oops. I was supposed to do Swiss ball mountain climbers.

box jumps - 2x8

front squat - 2x15x50 lbs
3 pt db row - 2x15x25 lbs
step up - 2x15xbodyweight
push up - 2x15 - All on my knees because of my toe.

I didn't do a metabolic workout today. I wanted to run but it was way too fucking hot outside.And I really bonked on my weights because the only thing I had to eat all day was watermelon. I ate some cheese & pineapple in the middle of my workout.

coffee w/ milk
cheese & pineapple
turkey, bacon & avocado sub
vodka & beer

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