Wednesday, October 10, 2012

83 days to a new me

goblet squats - 3x8x25 lbs - These were nice and deep!

Romanian dead lift - 3x8x115 lbs - I debated whether or not I wanted to back off on the weight for these because my hams are so freaking tight. I was up half the night stretching them because they just ached. I didn't lower the weight, but my downward movement wasn't as deep as usual.

bodyweight row - 3x8 - These bothered my hamstrings. I know it's not a leg exercise, but my feet are on the floor and it's hard not to stretch out the hams.

shoulder press - 3x8x20 lbs - I went heavier this week, and it was good.

lying dumbbell row - 3x8x25 lbs - This was a good weight for these.
push up - 3x8 - I did them on my toes, but they weren't that deep.

plank - 3x35 sec - I did add 5 seconds to my time and it was a struggle. I'll keep on with this trend.

And I did two songs worth of jump roping. I am definitely getting better at it. I made more double-under attempts and came close a couple times. Hopefully by the end of the month!

plum, eggs, whole wheat toast w/ butter
coffee w/ half & half
Asian chicken w/ brown rice & broccoli
string cheese
Asian chicken w/ brown rice

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