Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010 New Recipe Challenge - Links to recipes

I threw down a challenge to myself - make at least one new recipe per week in 2010. I figured I'd better keep an updated blog entry of everything so I know what I've made.

Main Dishes

Homemade venison hot pockets
Creamy garlic & chicken pasta
Pork with pineapple chipotle sauce
Crab ravioli in creamy tomato sauce
Mexican chicken & corn soup
Crab-stuffed lobster
General Tso's chicken and Chinese bulgur
Hungarian beef goulash
Lemon-mustard chicken
Spicy honey-brushed chicken thighs
Ellie Krieger's sloppy joes
Pork stir fry with brown rice
Marinated flat iron steak
Pan seared tilapia with lime
Mexican chicken casserole
Orange honey chicken
Crock pot chili pork chops
Mexican ground beef bulgur skillet
Broiled salmon with rosemary
"Healthified" beef stroganoff
Chicken "ribs"
Orange honey slow cooker tilapia
Annie's Texas chicken fried steak
Corn dog bites
Hawaiian turkey burgers
Chicken mom-nuggets
Venison meatloaf
Crock pot pizza pork with pasta
Honey mustard sesame chicken planks
Baked chicken parmesan
Shrimp quesadillas w/ tomat & avocado salsa

Vegetarian Main Dishes

Vegetarian brown rice sushi
Easy vegetarian chili
Spicy black bean burgers
Homemade veggie burgers
Five ingredient quinoa
Zucchini yellow squash stir fry
Black bean quesadillas


Scallion & tomato egg cups
Cream of wheat pancakes
English muffin bread
Cinnamon mocha coffee
Baked oatmeal
No Knead Bread

Soups & Stews

Spicy slow cooker black bean soup
Cream of broccoli soup

Side Dishes

Tomato vegetable risotto
Three bean salad
Spanish quinoa
Quinoa bean salad
Bacon-wrapped scallops
Herbed couscous with mixed vegetables
Curried chickpeas and black beans
Avocado salsa
Roasted garlic slow cooker spoonbread
Onion risotto
Macaroni & cheese
Crash hot potatoes
Tex Mex black bean salsa
Vegetable tian
Bulgur with curried potatoes & peas
Slow cooker brussels
Butternut squash apple bake
Avocado basil pasta
Slow cooker black beans & cilantro

Snacks & Desserts

Whole wheat pretzels
Hungry Girl lava cake
Almond Joy pudding cookies
Babara Felicity's oatmeal granola
Pumpkin nuggets
Diet soda cake
Crock pot yogurt
Baked oatmeal pumpkin bars
Deb's cinnamon applesauce banana bread
Pumpkin oatmeal cookies
Oatmeal packet cookies

Condiments, Marinades & Dressings

Homemade herb & garlic mayonnaise


Mel said...

Spanish quinoa one?

Becky said...

That wasn't one I made as part of the challenge, but I can add it.