Monday, October 8, 2012

85 days to a new me

Boy, it sure felt good to sleep in until 6:30 today!!!  I took my son to school then came home to *gasp* work out in my garage!!! Here's the rundown:

goblet squats - 3x8x25 lbs - I did these just to parallel and they were exhausting. I'll work on getting a little lower each time.
Romanian dead lift - 3x8x115 lbs - I used to love deads so much. Now, I have a hard time with them.

bodyweight row - 3x8 - This is a substitution for chin ups since I don't have my Iron Gym up yet. Oh, and the fact that I can no longer haul my fat ass into the air.
shoulder press - 3x8x15 lbs - I can probably go heavier. Or slower.

lying dumbbell row - 3x8x20 lbs - I need to go heavier because these didn't really feel like anything.
push up - 3x8 - I did them on my knees. I'm trying to get my form down. Maybe I should do elevated instead. I know that torturer Alwyn Cosgrove frowns upon knee push ups.

plank - 3x30 sec - Damn, my core strength sucks. I'm going to try to add 5 seconds each time I do this workout. Which is three times a week.

I ended the workout with two songs worth of jump roping. I'm a better jump roper than I thought. I think I attempted a double-under and failed. I say I think because I can't remember if I swung the rope twice and it just hit my feet on the second pass, or I am a total idiot and jumped twice on one rope pass. Either way, I have never done a double-under.

plum & cottage cheese
tea w/ milk
whole wheat spaghetti w/ meatballs
plum, string cheese & baked potato
Wheat Thins

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