Wednesday, July 4, 2012

NROL4L - Week 2 - Wednesday

I did my 5K with no major problems. My toe didn't hurt at all while I was actually running. It felt great to run and there were times when I was really fast. When I hit the trail into the woods, that is when I started having problems. I kept landing on the stupid rocks, just in the wrong place, and that hurt my foot, so I walked most of that part. But on the road, yeah, I was loving it. It was hot as hell and muggy, so I had sweat on the lenses of my glasses. I didn't even think to wear my contacts. I enjoyed this run very much.

coffee w/ half & half - I stopped by 7-11 after the race before heading to my brother's house to babysit. I really wanted a donut. I did not get a donut.
diet soda cake - Yay, portion control again!
hamburger w/ avocado on light English muffin
movie popcorn - Not wasn't that good.

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