Sunday, July 8, 2012

NROL4L - Week 3 - Sunday

I'm still modifying my workouts a bit because of my toe. For the most part, it's fine, but any pressure on the top of it (such as for Bulgarian split squats) bothers me. So today, I did assisted pistols instead. Oh, and one of my core exercises actually should have been done Friday. I messed up.

Swiss ball mountain climber - 2x15 each side
Spiderman plank - 2x15 each side

explosive elevated push up 2x8

RDL 2x15x85 lbs
suspended push up 2x15
assisted pistol squat 2x15 each side
inverted row 2x15


Let's not talk about food. I had an emotional breakdown at work, where all I had access to was candy bars.

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