Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an UPDATE!

Not that there is anything to really update. I have been busy, busy, busy. Working 65 hours a week (7 days a week - July 4 is my only day off in a very long 8-week stretch). Roller derby is now three days a week instead of two. I had a pretty bad ankle injury that has me not progressing as I would like. The BAs (that's the badasses of the KDDB) are hoping we will be ready to debut for Derby Spills in October. That's on our turf, so I really need to get out there and start practicing on my own. They don't like us to do it without a partner, in case we break our asses, and I'm lucky that there are some other girls who will come out and skate on non-practice days. I really enjoy skating but the ankle injury has completely fucked with my head. My ankle is fine but it's totally scaring me. A serious injury would fuck me up good, especially if I couldn't work. At least I have health insurance.

July 1 is Monday. I need to start some sort of strength training on my off days. I'm so short on time because my work days are long. And it's mother fucking hot here. I have a 20 minute TRX workout I could do but I really do miss lifting weights. I can't wait for fall when I can tolerate my garage again. Right now, it's stifling.

Food is just okay. I need to tighten it up but I'm so tired and rushed when I get home from work (I have half hour before derby practice, or I just want to sleep). I need to start menu planning again.

It all sucks. I can't wait for this insanity to end.