Saturday, October 13, 2012

80 days to a new me

I am exhausted! I cleaned my house, worked out, made an insane impulse buy at the car dealership, spent the night doing laundry...I need to go to bed!

goblet squats - 3x8x25 lbs - Really deep!
Romanian dead lift - 3x8x115 lbs - I don't like this. I scrape up my knees and shins.

bodyweight row - 3x8 - I don't like these either but I'm getting better at them.
shoulder press - 3x8x20 lbs - I should probably increase my weight again.

lying dumbbell row - 3x8x25 lbs - Not a fan. I wish I could do renegade rows, but not paired with push ups and followed by planks.
push up - 3x8 - Not all that deep but getting better.

plank - 3x40 sec - OMG, these sucked! I don't know how I'm going to do 45 seconds next time!

And I did more jump roping. No double unders, but I'm getting better at regular jump roping. I also found a jump rope length that works well with my short body.


I have excuses but I won't bother with them.

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