Sunday, September 21, 2014

Melty was right!

I am not surprised. I did a short test today. I did Turbo Jam 20 Minute Workout. It kicked my ass. My chest hurt (because cigarettes and allergy issues - don't worry, I am quitting) and my right quad ached. But I did feel better as soon as I put on my workout gear. There's something about that sports bra and sneakers...

Anyway, I worked out today. Tomorrow is more Turbo Jam. Jenga, baby!

I don't know what I'm doing, nutritionally speaking. I mean, I know what I'm doing but I don't know what, if any, plan I will follow. It's no secret that I hate measuring and tracking. And working around food blows. There's so much temptation. We'll see. I didn't eat anything today, until dinner. I drank coffee like a pro, though.

Change O' Plans

I'm sure you're shocked that I am changing my mind!!! I had my trusty virtual workout buddy look over my schedule for the next 20 weeks, and in her infinite wisdom, she said it looked like too much too soon and of course, she is right. The truth is, I wasn't quite comfortable with it either. So I'm going to take her advice and start slower.

Mondays - Cardio - Probably TJ Cardio Party Remix (30 min)
Tuesdays - Lift - goblet squats/db RDL, inverted row/db shoulder press, Swiss Ball/Bosu plank-roll up-push up
Wednesdays - Cardio - Cardio Party 2 or 3 (45-50 min)
Thursdays - Lift - same routine
Fridays - TJ 20 Min WO/CLX Recharge
Saturday & Sunday - Rest

I'm just not ready to commit to four months of workouts every single fucking day. Baby steps.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Le Sigh

Obviously, I haven't done jack shit this summer. Here it is, mid-September and I'm still as out of shape as ever. Lack of motivation continues to fuck me up.

My son is 10. He's 4'9" or 4'10", 130 pounds. He was up to 142 back in late July. His weight was measured on 2 different scales though - two different doctors offices - so I don't know what his true weight is. He's been overweight for a while. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it here before. I've pretty much stopped buying junk food, and his appetite has been affected by his ADHD meds. He's not very active though. He just returned to school and is making somewhat of an effort in PE, which is a big change from last year. He still hates PE, but he's trying.

So when he told me the other day that he wants to work out, I was surprised. I had been talking about getting back into it - aren't I always??? - and promised him I would put together something we can do. I wish he would learn to ride his bike, or be interested in roller skating again.

But anyway, I'm starting a new program Monday. I'm using the 20-week Turbo Fire calendar. I'm just doing the cardio, and adding my own lifting. I used The New Rules of Lifting: Supercharged to put together 4 workouts.

Workout A

bodyweight squat (3x15)
push up (3x15)
split squat (3x8-15)

SHELC (3x15)
dumbbell 2-point row (3x8-10)
step up (3x8-15)

reverse lunge w/ overhead shoulder press (3x8-10)
Swiss ball rollout (3x15)
box jump (3x15)

Workout B

goblet squat (3x8-10)
pike push up (3x15)
rack deadlift (3x8-10)

forward lunge (3x8-10)
dumbbell chest supported row (3x8-10)
dumbbell single leg Romanian deadlift (3x8-10)

Romanian deadlift w/ row (3x8-10)
Swiss ball jackknife (3x15)
dumbbell swing (3x15)

Workout C

back squat (3x8-10)
dumbbell shoulder press (3x8-10)
Romanian deadlift (3x8-10)

walking lunge (3x8-10)
inverted row (3x15)
dumbbell single leg deadlift (3x8-10)

squat & press (3x8-10)
Swiss ball mountain climber (3x15)
squat w/ jump tuck (3x15)

Workout D

front squat (3x8-10)
barbell bench press (3x8-10)
deadlift (3x8-10)

Bulgarian split squat (3x8-10)
suspended row (3x15)
single leg squat (3x8-10)

push up w/ 1-arm row (3x8-10)
Swiss ball plank (30+ seconds)
dumbbell snatch (3x8-10)

I'm calling this cluster fuck the Girl On Fire Challenge. Gotta get in shape to win those Hunger Games. Here is the complete schedule:

We will see how it goes. My guess? This will be my last post on the subject.