Thursday, May 10, 2012

Countdown to Summer - Week 1 - Thursday

Today was moderate weight/rep exercises, followed by Turbo Fire HIIT 15.

dumbbell step up 3x12 - no weight because I was using my plyo box and it's 18"
suspended row 3x10

barbell good morning 3x12x65 lbs
standing barbell calf raise 3x12x65 lbs

bent over barbell row 3x12x45 lbs
medicine ball push up 3x10 - I did these on my knees, but I did them well!

dumbbell shoulder press 3x12x15 lbs
side plank 3x30 seconds

Then I did HIIT 15 from Turbo Fire. I am worn out!


I did not eat well today. I didn't eat junk like I did yesterday, but I had corn dog nuggets, stuffing, mashed potatoes and a roll for lunch. And sausage for breakfast. My post-workout snack was two granola bars. Then I ate eggs and turkey bacon. Not a good food day.

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