Sunday, January 3, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 7 of 84

I weighed in at 134.5 pounds today, still up 7.5 from December's low and down 4.5 from my post-Christmas high. So the water weight is being shed. Now I need to work on the pesky fat I gained.

One of my favorite blogs is Fitbomb's P90X blog. The blogger is a riot, and finds hilarious fitness gems on the Web. Today, it was Star Wars Yoga. I was DYING as I read it. I am totally incorporating SWY into my fitness plan.

omelet w/ peppers, onion & salsa, toast w/ reduced sugar jelly [1 pt for the toast]

chicken breast w/ light barbecue sauce, cucumber slices; I don't know why I keep buying cucumbers. I don't particularly care for them (or celery).

half a banana

creamy garlic chicken, vegetables & pasta; It feels weird that this is a freebie under the Simply Filling technique, but it's less than 1 serving of whole wheat pasta so it doesn't count against me. I only made enough for 2 servings, so I can't even go back for seconds!

yogurt [2 pts]

cantaloupe & cottage cheese

Four cups of coffee and two cups of tea. And by cups, I mean 16 ounce mugs. It's just easier to say cups. I didn't even attempt water today. I'm chilled the bone and my fingers may break off at any time. 6 activity points remaining, and going to waste, as I start over tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my first Meatless Monday attempt of the year. It's going to be a challenge because we have a batch of deer jerky going onto the dehydrator first thing in the morning. I think I can stick to it well this year. I bought some new recipe software (Living Cookbook) and I plan on doing much more meal planning than I have in the past. I actually do have my meals for tomorrow already planned.

For the record, I have barely used Living Cookbook and it's already so much better than MasterCook!! The organizational structure alone made it worth every penny.

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