Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 9 of 84

Craig Ballantyne has a great blog up today, 27 Alternative Bodyweight Exercises. Also, on the Turbulence Training Fan Page on Facebook, a Beginner TT Abs 300 workout - 300 reps of bodyweight exercises. I love these. I have 26 different versions of this workout structure, and I add them to the list as I find them. I call them "Spartan" workouts because I became interested after seeing the movie 300, and hearing of the fitness challenge the actors had at the end of their training. Craig Ballantyne posted a video on YouTube demonstrating the "original" 300 Workout and it's way too challenging for me. I doubt I will ever be able to do the original because I can't even dead lift 135 pounds once, much less 50 times.

By the way, here is the original 300 Workout, developed by Mark Twight:
Pull ups (25)
Deadlift with 135lbs (50)
Push ups (50)
24-inch box jumps (50)
Floor wipers (50)
One arm clean n press with 36lbs kettlebell (50)
Pull ups (25)

No workout scheduled today. I find it SO HARD to be motivated to work out on an "off" day. This is why I need a program that has more scheduled. Technically, I could do my intervals on my off days, but that doesn't get me any more exercise. I know I'll Turbo on Thursday. Tuesdays suck though. I should be doing Spartan workouts!

I ended up making it Tabata Tuesday! I did it on the treadmill - warmed up for 3 minutes, did 8 cycles of 20/10 sprint/walk intervals, then cooled down for 3 minutes. NEVER AGAIN! Not on the treadmill. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat and then punch me in it!
Distance: 0.71 miles
Calories: 69 (0.5 activity points)


omelet w/ peppers, onions & salsa, toast w/ reduced-sugar jelly [1 pt for toast]

pepper slices & homemade venison jerky

pumpkin carrot muffins, homemade hot chocolate [3 pts]

chicken breast, mixed vegetables, avocado

apple & cottage cheese

Four cups of coffee and two cups of tea. I didn't even try to get any water. I'm so tired of this cold weather. 25 weekly and 4 activity points remaining.

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