Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 24 of 84

After I blogged last night, I had some Frosted Mini Wheats [3 pts]. My husband and I are complete opposites when it comes to cereal, especially this stuff. He likes his soaked with milk and soggy. I can only eat them completely dry. They are a great snack.

After lots of back and forth, I finally have a start date for Insanity. I was going to start immediately after completing Turbulence Training (March 22) but I've decided to take my son up to New York to see his grandparents. If we wait until the end of June for my step-daughter's graduation (HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY, B!!), it will have been over a year since they've seen each other. And it would just make my mother-in-law's Easter to see Sebastian. So I'll start Insanity when we return. I'll have enough time to do the whole program, with an extra Recovery Week, before we head back up. After that, I have no idea what I'm doing. I was going to do P90X+ and New Rules of Lifting but I'm not sure.

I ate much more protein than I have been lately and I haven't been as snacky, so I think I'm going to have to suck it up and eat more protein. I'm still worried that I will overeat though.

Warm Up:
body weight squat - 10 reps
plank - 20s
push up - 6

Workout A - rest as little as possible
A1) push ups 3x10
A2) inverted row 3x8
B1) 1-leg squat 3x7 per side
B2) bicycle crunch 3x32
C1) Bulgarian split squat 3x12 per side
C2) elevated push up 3x8
D1) reaching lunge 3x12 per side
D2) mountain climbers 3x20

I managed 2 of the 3 sets of Bulgarian split squats without rests. It was just the first set that messed me up. It was a good workout - I'll miss it. 2 activity points to this one.

Interval Workout: 5 min warm up, 60 s hard pace, 60 s moderate pace x 6, 5 min cool down - I actually looked forward to this. Kind of. I still hate running.
Distance: 1.60 miles
Calories: 164 (1.5 activity points)


omelet w/ avocado, onion, green peppers & salsa, light English muffin w/ reduced-sugar jelly [1 pt]

chicken salad w/ avocado, salsa & light sour cream [1 pt]

grilled turkey & sweet potato

crumb-coated [1 pt] tilapia w/ mixed vegetables

apple & cottage cheese

Four cups of coffee and 20 ounces of water. One of these days, I will get back on the 80 ounces train. 18 weekly and 8 activity points remaining.


Mel said...

We should try to synch up P90X+. I'd like to do that too.

Becky said...

My only concern is not getting bored. It's the same 2 people with Tony in all 5 workouts, and it's not all that interesting. The video quality sucks, the people have absolutely zero charm.

Mel said...

I don't care about the people. But doing the same thing over and over might. There are only 5 workouts for 90 days? We could cut it in half and do 45.

Becky said...

It's a 6-7 day a week for 84 days program. You mix in P90X workouts - yoga every week, and the strength training on recovery weeks, Plyo in phase 2.