Thursday, January 7, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 11 of 84

I'm having problems with my math - I should have 7.5 activity points going into today, not the 5.5 I listed yesterday. I won't be gaining any points today, either. I planned on trying Turbo Sport, but I feel like I've had a sumo wrestler jumping on my lower abdomen. [GIRLY TALK ALERT] It's my second cycle since my tubal and the cramps are unlike anything I've ever experienced. With my Paragard, I'd get horrible pains when I ovulated but I haven't had those since the tubal. However, normal cramps have gotten worse and I am a week early this month. Last night, the pain was so bad, I wanted to throw up. I finally took some ibuprofen and felt a little better but all I want to do is roll around in a ball. Someone should invent an exercise like that. [/GIRLY TALK ALERT]

Speaking of last night, I had the WORST EVER CHOCOLATE CRAVING. There are some Hershey's Kisses left over from my Christmas baking (no, I'm not getting rid of them) in the freezer and I wanted all of them. Every. Single. One. I didn't care if I used up all my points for the week and then some. It was two agonizing hours before I finally went to bed without having any. You'd think I'd be happy about it. No, I wanted them. No other substitute would do.


omelet w/ onion, peppers & salsa, toast w/ reduced-sugar jelly [1 pt for toast]

apple & yogurt [2 pts for the yogurt because it was flavored]

chicken, baked butternut squash fries, red pepper slices

cereal w/ skim milk, half a banana

tilapia w/ carrot sticks & mashed cauliflower [1 pt]

whole wheat pumpkin carrot muffins [2 pts]

Four cups of coffee. 12 weekly and 7.5 activity points remaining.


Jess said...

Great job again on staying away from the chocolate!

I wanted to jump right back on the wagon but it appears that I'm easing myself back in this week. I have got to do something though...I can't breathe in my clothes and I got rid of my big ones. So glad I did because I'd really be pissed if I gained all of the weight back. The fact that I am a bargain shopper as well as cheap ass when it comes to clothes comes in handy right about now...

Jen said...

Hey Becky---

Would you be willing to post your recipe (or direct me to one) of your Butternut Squash fries?

I am back on the horse, and since Dec 28th have lost 6.5 pounds, but have been at a standstill for the last four days. Dunno what is up with that. I'm working on Turbo Jam, and Hubs is doing it with me. Do you have any of her other DVD sets? If so, can you tell me which ones you like?
I have found that since we've started going to Aldi's they have a good bit of good tasting food (turkey meatballs, veggie sandwich pockets, 100 calorie packs,etc) and it's quite cheap, I get almost all of our produce there now and can't believe how cheap it is.
I bookmarked your blog, and will be back:) BTW, I am SAHMof2girls on BBC.

Sorry for the long comment:) Take care!