Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 10 of 84

Warm Up:
body weight squat - 10 reps
plank - 20s
push up - 6

Workout A - rest as little as possible
A1) push ups 3x10
A2) inverted row 3x8
B1) 1-leg squat 3x7 per side
B2) bicycle crunch 3x32
C1) Bulgarian split squat 3x12 per side
C2) elevated push up 3x8
D1) reaching lunge 3x12 per side
D2) mountain climbers 3x20

2 activity points for the workout. I was better about not rushing.

Interval Workout: 5 min warm up, 60 s hard pace, 60 s moderate pace x 6, 5 min cool down
Distance: 1.54 miles
Calories: 158 (1.5 activity points)

cereal w/ skim milk, banana

baked butternut squash, chicken breast w/ pepper slices on Flat Out bread [1 pt for bread]

pumpkin carrot mini muffins [3 pts]

celery, homemade venison jerky

roasted potatoes, crumb-crusted chicken [1 pt for the breading]

leftover chicken w/ mozzarella cheese [3 pts]

Four cups of coffee, three cups of tea and 20 ounces of water. 18 weekly and 5.5 activity points remaining. I think I'm overeating. I really, really need to start paying attention to how I feel when I eat, because I'm not. And I know I'm eating when I'm not hungry.

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