Sunday, January 31, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 35 of 84

132 today - I am back down that half a pound I was up last week. So that makes 5 pounds down for the year, but still up 5 from December's low. I know it's slow coming back off, but I'm patient. I absolutely do not want to go back to counting calories, and I'm still in the adjustment phase of Weight Watchers Core/SFT. I'm still feeling my way around this whole "eat until satisfied" thing, so if this is my pace, so be it!

I forgot to give myself KUDOS yesterday. My son wanted to go out for lunch yesterday, to the buffet down the road. I wanted to go so badly but I knew I would overeat. So I stayed home while my husband took him.

cereal w/ skim milk, banana

eggs w/ cheese [2 pts] & light English muffin [1 pt]

apple & cottage cheese

chicken breast & sweet potato w/ dijon vinaigrette dressing [1 pt]; OMG, I am so hungry!! I hope the protein from the chicken breast will hold me over until dinner. I wonder if I have to drop bread & cereal from my diet for a while, and try to get more protein and fat.

carrot sticks & green pepper slices; Okay, the protein did not help. I am so mother frakking hungry today, it's pissing me off.

venison & mixed vegetables

microwave flourless chocolate cake w/ sugar-free/fat-free pudding; I was DYING for chocolate. I wanted to eat every piece of chocolate in my freezer. Instead, I spent an hour searching the web site linked above for something Core friendly. I picked it because it was single-serving, I had the ingredients, and it got good reviews. I'd made flourless chocolate cakes when I was low carbing, and it didn't go well. But this hit the spot as well as a fake cake can. I'll make it again, for sure.

Four cups of coffee and two cups of tea. 7 activity points unused.


Melty said...

Great job Becky! I love it when I make good decisions like that. (buffet) and great work on finding a chocolate craving fixer that wasn't too unhealthy.

Becky said...

It didn't last. I'm blogging about it in today's entry. I'm really, really disappointed in myself, and I'm getting really tired of being disappointed in myself.