Saturday, January 16, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 20 of 84

I'm having major hunger issues. I think I'm eating too many processed carbs and not enough fat & protein. Doing Core, it's easy to overeat on the protein so I've really been trying to limit myself. At the same time, I'm extremely sensitive to carbs, even good carbs, and I retain water like crazy when I eat them. And I can only handle so many vegetables. Vegetables do nothing for my hunger. But I will say, I think I'm eating better now than I really ever have (Hershey's Kisses aside). I really hope this is the year I get things under control and really learn when I'm hungry and when I'm not.

"fried" eggs w/ light English muffin [1 pt]

salad w/ chicken breast & homemade dressing

polenta crisps & acorn squash "fries" w/ chicken breast

chicken pot pie [5 pts]; I mixed some cooked chicken with mixed vegetables and put it in a pie crust, then topped it with light cream cheese. It was delicious but not very filling. I'm disappointed.

apple & cottage cheese

pineapple; I think I may be eating too much fruit.

I think I had four cups of coffee - it might have been five. It was a long day and I lost track. 7 activity points remaining.


Anonymous said...

When you say overdue the protein, do you mean you'll eat too much? They push protein big time. Especially if you are hungry. My leader will always say eat more protein. And she recommends protein with every meal. I don't always do that.

What's a "fried" egg? I'm not suppose to be having eggs anyway but I'm curious just the same.

Becky said...

I do eat protein with just about every meal, but I have to limit myself or I'll over eat. I'm not to the point where I can tell whether I'm really hungry or not. So I think I tend to under eat the protein and try to convince myself that I'm not hungry.

A "fried" egg is just an egg "fried" in nonstick spray. I equate fried with butter/oil so I just differentiate it that way - it's not traditionally fried.

Anonymous said...

ah ok. I, too, equate fried with butter.

What about eating and then giving yourself ten minutes and then if you're really still hungry, have more protein? Give your brain time to process the food?

I try to eat before I get hungry so I don't do that.

Becky said...

I considered trying that but lately I haven't been cooking extra (so I won't overeat). Sometimes there are leftovers but they don't last long. If I don't get them into the refrigerator right away, my husband will eat them. He definitely doesn't know when to stop eating, so I try to cook just enough. He's worse than I am, but he's not a sweets kind of guy. He's salt & fat.