Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 17 of 84

I managed to get myself up at 5 AM. Since we started leaving the bedroom doors open, it's not as dreadfully cold in the rest of the house. I don't dislike working out as much. Still, it's no spring, summer, or fall.

Warm Up:
body weight squat - 10 reps
plank - 20s
push up - 6

Workout B - rest as little as possible
A1) 1-leg dead lift 3x15 per side
A2) chin up 3x4
B1) step-up 3x15 per side
B2) slow push up 3x8
C1) prisoner lunge 3x15 per side
C2) side plank 3x30s per side
D1) close-grip push up 3x30
D2) plank 3x60s

My legs were exhausted before I even started this workout. For the 1 leg dead lifts, I did 1 leg Romanian dead lifts instead of the conventional type. My quads were just hunks of lead.

Interval Workout: 5 min warm up, 60 s hard pace, 60 s moderate pace x 6, 5 min cool down - I was slower than usual today because of my legs just being dead.
Distance: 1.52 miles
Calories: 164 (1.5 activity points)

cereal w/ skim milk

omelet w/ Swiss cheese [2 pts], onion, green pepper & salsa, light English muffin w/ reduced-sugar jelly [1 pt]


3 bean salad w/ tuna fish

rice cakes & mozzarella string cheese [5 pts]; I am hungry as heck today.

roasted chicken w/ mashed cauliflower [2 pts for cheese]

Five cups of coffee and 20 ounces of water. 22 weekly and 10.5 activity points remaining. I feel like a pig today. I definitely overate, even on Core foods.

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