Monday, January 25, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 29 of 84

Meatless Monday Guidelines - still going strong! I didn't plan as well as I should have, so my food wasn't all that creative (or satisfying, if I'm being honest). I made a large pot of vegetable broth yesterday but it was too warm to eat soup today.

I do have to toot my horn a bit. I had the worst time trying to sleep last night. It was almost 1 AM before I finally fell asleep, only to have my son wake me up a short time later. Then I couldn't get back to sleep, and I could think about was chocolate. There's chocolate in my freezer (M&Ms I've had for almost a year and haven't touched) and it called me. I really, really wanted to go have some, to hell with the consequences. But I didn't.

I started a new set of Turbulence Training workouts today. These are from the Fusion Fat Loss set. Good stuff!

Warm Up
T-squat - 10 reps
off-set push up - 10 reps
prisoner siff squat - 10 reps
stability ball rollout - 10 reps

You're supposed to do a specific warm up (2x8 of each exercise in the first set, first with 50% weight, then 75% weight) but I don't. I know I should but I'm lifting so little that I'd fatigue before I even got to my work sets. But I know I really, really should so specific warm ups. And I will, after Insanity and I am doing super heavy lifting. But really, I can't do them now, when bodyweight sets wear me out. How do I do 50% of my bodyweight? I know, that's not really how it works LOL

Workout A - rest as little as possible
A) clean & press (4x5x40 lbs)
B1) db row (3x8x20 lbs)
B2) Bulgarian split squat (3x15x5 lbs per side)
C1) db forward lunge (3x8x20 lbs per side)
C2) elevated push up (3x12) - 7 on my toes, 5 on my knees in each set.

This is a great workout. I love the clean & press! I hate the Bulgarian split squat. Ugh, they suck. But it's a good workout. It took about 30 minutes and I was whooped! (2 activity points)

Interval Workout A - 3 min warm up, 60 s very hard pace, 120 s moderate pace x 4, 3 min cool down - I liked this interval pattern much better than the one I was doing last phase. I could run faster and it didn't feel as dreadful.
Distance: 1.30 miles
Calories: 132 (1 activity point)

cereal w/ skim milk, banana

omelet w/ Swiss cheese [2 pts], onion, green pepper & salsa, light English muffin w/ reduced-sugar jelly [1 pt]

baked polenta crisps, pinto beans w/ dijon vinaigrette, carrot sticks w/ tangy garbanzo dip

raw vegetables w/ tangy garbanzo dip

pinto bean burger w/ avocado slices on red leaf lettuce

Four cups of coffee and 80 ounces of water. See that? I got my 80 ounces. I need to stop using the cold weather as an excuse. I know I sucked it up last year. 32 weekly and 3 activity points remaining.

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