Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Vacation" Challenge - Day 7

Warm Up – squat, row, curl, raise 

Metabolic Workout A – 3 circuits - 30 second segments, 40 seconds to transition between exercises, 90 second rests between circuits

single leg squat
atomic push up
low row
balance lunge
side plank

Sundays are usually my rest days but with my trip later this week, my schedule is out of whack. For the next two weeks:

Monday & Tuesday - cardio
Wednesday - metabolic workout
Thursday - sleep all day, drive all night
Friday - recover from driving all night
Saturday - metabolic workout
Sunday & Monday - cardio
Tuesday - metabolic workout
Wednesday & Thursday - cardio

Friday- sleep all day, drive all night
Saturday - recover from driving all night
Sunday - last day before Insanity, you can bet your ass I'm resting

I'm not bothering to log my food today. I had a quick ham sandwich for breakfast, then went out for burgers & fries for lunch with a an old friend. For a restaurant everyone raves about (Five Guys), it was pretty disgusting and tasteless. I was disappointed. Dinner was tilapia & mixed vegetables. Jalapeno poppers for a snack.

My friend gave me a stern talking to today. It was the kind of tough love no one likes but needs to hear. It made me mad, at first, but it turns out, she is 100% right in everything she said. It's not going to completely solve my eating problems but it's a hell of a place to start addressing them. I owe her. Again.

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