Sunday, March 7, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 70 of 84

I weighed in at 133 today, up 2 from last week. I know it's not fat. I'm frustrated with the lack of progress but I'm going to wait until I'm done with Turbulence Training in two weeks and I dig out my tape measure. I didn't take measurements when I started so I will go off my post-P90X numbers. I am still hoping to find my "before" Turbulence Training pictures with the newspaper date visible so I can still enter the conference. I keep going through my hard drives looking but so far, nothing.

Oh, and I had a mandarin orange after I blogged last night.

I've been doing more prep work for Insanity. It turns out that I actually have a 10 1/2 week block between trips to New York, so I am going to do an extra week of Insanity, with the last week being just like the recovery in week 5. I don't want to do anything overly strenuous the week after, and I also don't want to take 2 whole weeks off. So it will be a recovery week, and I think I may include Yoga X as well as the Core Cardio & Balance routine from Insanity.

Another thing I'm considering for that time period is following the Insanity nutrition guide, and planning out all my meals for the entire 70 days. I've never planned more than dinner for a week, so this is going to be challenging (and fun!) to get on paper. The Weight Watchers philosophy isn't all that different from Beachbody's. It's all pretty much the same food, just packaged and phrased differently. Of course, Weight Watchers allows for indulgences and Insanity does not. That, obviously, is going to be my rough patch, but I think if I can visualize the entire experience and have contingency plans, I may be okay. The only problem is, my birthday is in there somewhere and I want my cake, damn it.

Interval Workout B - 3 min warm up, 60 s very hard pace, 90 s moderate pace x 6, 3 min cool down - This was really hard with my chest rattling. Not really rattling, but it's hard to breathe, like the air is super dry or something. So I almost quit halfway, but once I got to the halfway point, I figured I might as well keep going since I was halfway there.
Distance: 1.59 miles
Calories: 171

scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & salsa

cereal w/ yogurt; I've overcome my dislike for Shredded Wheat (plain or the wheat & bran type) by dipping it in yogurt. It's not ideal but it will do, since it's Core. I still prefer Cheerios, Rice Kripsies, and Corn Flakes.

chicken breast, cream of broccoli soup

red pepper slices & carrot stick

lemon-mustard chicken w/ mixed vegetables

more chicken & carrot sticks

Three cups of coffee and 40 ounces of water. It was rough to stay completely Core two days in a row. That will teach me to use up all my weekly & activity points before the weekend!

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Jess said...

The chicken sounds yummy! :) I might have to try that recipe.