Monday, March 22, 2010

"Vacation" Challenge - Day 1

This kicks off my three week "vacation" until Insanity starts. It's also Meatless Monday!!

All my resistance training this week is in the form of metabolic workouts with the suspension trainer.

Warm Up – squat, row, curl, raise 

Metabolic Workout A – 3 circuits - 30 second work segments, 40 seconds to transition between exercises, 3 minute rests between circuits

single leg squat 
atomic push up
low row
balance lunge
side plank

I took about 90 seconds between circuits, instead of 3 minutes. Unless I'm lifting super heavy, I find 3 minutes to be too long to do nothing. The whole thing took 20-25 minutes. During my first circuit, I was getting my bearings and it was kind of lame. By the second circuit, I had my form down and was able to focus and it started kicking my ass. By the third circuit, I was just hoping I survived. Okay, it wasn't that bad, but this is definitely a good, hard, short workout. Since it's so short, I'm only taking 1 activity point for these workouts.


omelet w/ onion, red peppers, avocado & picante sauce, light English muffin w/ reduced sugar jelly [1 pt]

three bean salad  & baked squash fries

yogurt w/ cinnamon & Splenda, apple

chocolate [12 pts]; Idiot!! It didn't even taste good, and it gave me heartburn :( I'm so mad. I couldn't even make it through the day, and I honestly wanted to pretend it never happened. This is why I can't lose weight. I forgot I was  trying to save most of my points for Sunday. I'm meeting some friends for lunch and have no intention of choosing healthy options because there are none where we're going. And that's fine with me. Oh well.

veggie burger w/ avocado on Romaine lettuce wrap, baked squash fries

Two cups of coffee and 80 ounces of water. 22 weekly and 1 activity point remaining.

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