Thursday, March 4, 2010

Turbulence Training - Day 67 of 84

Today was supposed to be treadmill intervals but I was up all night with a sinus headache and I can't really breathe all that well, so I will run on Saturday.

oatmeal w/ banana & 1 tsp brown sugar [1 pt]

"fried" eggs w/ cheese [2 pts] and light English muffin [1 pt]

green pepper slices & almond joy pudding cookies; I ate every single one I made and I feel sick. These were so good but they gave me heartburn and made me cold.

homemade vegetable soup

banana; I only ate this to get rid of the hiccups I got from eating half a raw carrot while I chopped vegetables for dinner.

roasted vegetables, beef w/ light sour cream [2 pts]

No water and I lost track of how much tea I had. 8 weekly and 7 activity points remaining.

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