Sunday, August 1, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 4 - Sunday - Rest Day

I did an official weigh in today (for HRM setting purposes) and I lost 3 pounds in July. I'll take it, even though my goal at this point is not not gain while I try to get a handle on the binges. I also pulled out my tape measure and Accu-Measure body fat calipers to note my waist, hip and body fat measurements. Those are the areas I will be looking for changes.

No bike ride today. It was raining, then I drove to Virginia to see Eclipse because, after only 5 weeks, my local theater decided to stop showing it, and I had to see it in theaters. Not download it, like everyone suggested. Actually IN theaters. There are certain movies series I always go see (Harry Potter, Twilight, Iron Man, Spider-Man) in the theater. Everything else, I can wait until the dvd/blu-ray comes out.

eggs w/ avocado, toasted Sandwich Thin w/ butter [2 pts]
almonds [4 pts] - This was my movie snack. No popcorn and sno-caps for me!
cantaloupe & cottage cheese - This had been sitting in my cooler with ice in it while I was watching my movie. When I got out, the cottage cheese was frozen and the cantaloupe was mush. It wasn't the greatest meal but I ate it so I wouldn't be tempted to go buy junk.
cereal w/ yogurt
grilled pork w/ mixed vegetables
pretzels [2 pts]
frozen banana treat w/ dark chocolate & fat free whipped topping [4 pts]

No water today, but I did get fluids in. I used all my points, and got in most of my GHGs (I missed my oils) - and actually yesterday, I was missing the exercise, but that's a "most days a week" requirement. For some reason I think of it as an "every day" requirement.

Tomorrow's workout - Stage 4A, last one!!

Days Binge Free: 35


Jess said...

Great job at the movie theater today! That's one place that I haven't been able to conquer just yet.

Melty said...

Nice job, Becky! I made peach frozen yogurt with the kids today. It was yummy but now I want YOUR dessert!