Monday, August 23, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 6 - Monday - Stretch

I had some peanut butter & nutella on a Sandwich Thin last night after I blogged. I don't know for sure how many points it was, but I had 12 to use, so I think I'm safe. I ate it slowly and enjoyed it. I wanted another but didn't have one.

I'd planned on doing some interval cardio today but I woke up so sore and stiff that I decided to spend some time stretching. So no activity points but I felt better.

apple & cottage cheese
hard boiled eggs w/ plum
baked butternut squash
yogurt & cereal w/ grapes - lots of grapes. I need to stop buying them.
applesauce muffin bite & nut free granola bar [6 pts] - I made these for my son's breakfasts this week and tried them. They are very good!

80 ounces of water and two coffees. 29 weekly points remaining. GHGs met. I know my menu sucked today. I was supposed to work, then I was just on call, then I wasn't needed at all, so I decided to go ahead and clean my house since I had the time, and then we had 2 different appointments to get to and it was just hectic so I just grabbed something when I could.

Tomorrow's workout - Stage 6A

Days Binge Free: 57

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