Thursday, August 26, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 6 - Thursday - Workout B1

Stage 6B

reverse lunge, one dumbbell on shoulder 2x10x25 lbs
dumbbell two-point row 2x10x30 lbs
dumbbell push press 2x10x30 lbs
60 s rest

back extension 2x10
incline reverse crunch 2x10
60 s rest

2 points for this. I didn't love it but it was simple and short.

eggs w/ avocado on toasted Sandwich Thin [1 pt], plum
vegetarian chili & watermelon
apple & cottage cheese
bean burgers & tomato slices on Sandwich Thin [1 pt] w/ baked butternut squash fries & roasted chickpeas
cereal & milk

80 ounces of water and two coffees. 10 weekly points remaining. GHGs met, and I ate both of my APs.

Tomorrow's workout - A walk. I'm not sure how far or how intense, but I need something easy. My body hates me, and I'm not quite ready for a rest day.

Days Binge Free: 60

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