Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 5 - Wednesday - Workout B3

Stage 5B

barbell Romanian dead lift w/ bent over row 4x4x85 lbs
120 s rest

partial single leg squat 4x4
wide-grip lat pull down (assisted pull up) 4x4
120 s rest

back extension 4x4
YTWL shoulder matrix 4x4x7.5 lbs
120 s rest

(long arm) Swiss ball crunch 4x4
prone jackknife 4x4
Swiss ball side crunch 4x4 [per side]
120 s rest

prone cobra 4x120 s
120 s rest

Intervals: 3 min warm up, 1 min work/2 min recovery x 5, 2 min cool down [20 minutes total] - I did cross body blocks from Turbo Jam for my work intervals and a light jog for my recovery intervals.  I burned 135 calories - 20 down from last time. I don't know what the deal is there.

2 activity points for weights, 1 for intervals.

plum & cottage cheese
grapes, eggs, toasted Sandwich Thin w/ Smart Balance [2 pts]
ice cream [4 pts] & banana
salad w/ romaine lettuce, spinach & tomato, w/ homemade honey mustard dressing
spicy black bean stuffed peppers w/ cheese [1 pt]

80 ounces of water and three coffees. 29 weekly points remaining. GHGs met. I used up all 3 of the APs I earned today.

Tomorrow's workout - Turbo Jam Fat Blaster

Days Binge Free: 52

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