Sunday, August 8, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 5 - Sunday - Rest Day

I didn't get out for a bike ride this morning. I spent most of the day standing at my laptop working on my recipe files. It made me hungry.

eggs w/ avocado, toasted Sandwich Thin w/ butter [2 pts] - I was going to have waffles or pancakes and sausage but didn't want to waste the few points I had left.
chicken breast w/ mixed vegetables
grilled steak w/ sauteed onions & peppers - I was hungry again within an hour, and had a mad craving for dark chocolate. I had more steak & carrot sticks.
dark chocolate [5 pts] - The craving was just too much.
frozen banana w/ dark chocolate & almonds [7 pts]

Lots of coffees today. I actually went 5 points in the hole this week. It wasn't a binge. I was in total control and I made a conscious choice to eat the extra dark chocolate. I am not disappointed in myself. Quite the opposite, in fact. I feel good that I ate something I wanted without going overboard.

Tomorrow's workout - Stage 5B

Days Binge Free: 42

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Jess said...

I'm proud of you for not binging and keeping everything under control. :) Keep up the great work!