Monday, May 31, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 2 - Monday - Workout B1

Stage 2B

wide grip dead lift from box 2x10x65 lbs
75 s rest

Bulgarian split squat 2x10x10 lkbs [per leg]
underhand-grip lat pull down (assisted chin up) 2x10
75 s rest

reverse lunge from box w/ forward reach 1x10x10 lbs, 1x10x15 lbs [per leg]
dumbbell prone Cuban snatch 2x10x10 lbs
75 s rest

(long arm) Swiss ball crunch 2x10x
reverse crunch 2x10
lateral flexion - Swiss ball side crunch 2x10 [per side]
75 s rest

prone cobra 2x60s

This workout took about 35 minutes, but I'll be honest - I didn't warm up like I usually do. I'm not feeling well, my son's not feeling well and in general I'm just frustrated and depressed and I have to keep reminding myself that even if I fuck up my diet, there is no reason to give up on exercise. 

apple, cereal & yogurt w/ cinnamon & Splenda
salad w/ cucumber, carrots, roasted chickpeas & homemade honey mustard dressing
apple & cottage cheese
omelet w/ onion, green pepper, avocado & salsa, roasted cauliflower & broccoli
eggs - It was incredibly difficult to figure out what I wanted to eat that was a) meatless and b) Core-friendly, as I did not want to use any points yet. I am so damn hungry on Meatless Mondays, even if my fat & protein intake is the same (in terms of grams) as other days.

80 ounces of water and 4 coffees. 35 weekly and 2 activity points remaining.

Tomorrow's workout - intervals. I've decided to do the intervals that belong at the end of 2B twice a week, on non-lifting days. I just don't have the time to do them when they are scheduled, until after school ends. 

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