Saturday, May 22, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 1 - Saturday - Burn It Off

Last night was not good. I was so freaking hungry and I tried eating okay stuff but I chose pretzels when I should have chosen fat & protein. And pretzels are a trigger food for me, so I went out and bought ice cream. I ate two good sized bowls of it. Plus, I paid full price for the ice cream so I am doubly pissed.

So of course, I binged today. It was horrible. I feel terrible. As in physically. I ate tons of bad, bad crap.

I decided to do Burn It Off again and see if/how my new VO2 setting changed my calorie burn. My previous VO2 setting was 42, but it had been almost a year since I tested for that. I did another test during the week and my VO2 improved to 44. I burned 198 calories today, up from 182 on Wednesday. Usually, my calorie burn goes down on subsequent workouts. So, while it didn't make a huge difference, the VO2 setting adjustment did show that I burn a few more calories than I thought.

Tomorrow's workout - hopefully tennis & a bike ride.

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