Friday, May 14, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 1 - Friday - Workout A8

Stage 1A

squat 3x8x90 lbs
60 s rest

(atomic) push up 3x8
seated row (lying db row) 3x8x30 lbs
60 s rest

step up 3x8x25 lbs [per leg]
prone jackknife 3x15
60 s rest

2 activity points for this. It's my final 1A workout. There's a special workout next week, but it's 1 set of max reps with my starting weights. I am disappointed that I didn't get to 100 pounds for my squat but there's always next time.

chocolate milk [1 pt]
omelet w/ onion, green pepper, avocado & salsa
apple & cottage cheese
McDonald's ice cream cone [3 pts]
tilapia w/ green pepper slices, roasted carrots & butternut squash "fries"
banana, grilled cheese sandwich [4 pts]

80 ounces of water, 2 coffees. 20 weekly and 10 activity points remaining.

Tomorrow - a bike ride and heavy house cleaning.

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