Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weight lifting opinions needed!!!

I'm making a separate post to ask this. I've been thinking about what I want to do next and I know, without any doubt, that I do NOT want to follow dvd or book program with any kind of certain schedule. I also don't want crazy-long workout sessions. So I did some research and pieced together two different programs that look good (to me). Then I found another program already written out so I am throwing that option into the mix.

To recap, I've been lifting for 3 years and fairly confident in my abilities. I can do chin ups and assisted pull ups. I have a home gym with adjustable dumbbells, free weights with about 200 pounds of plates (standard, not Oly), resistance bands, barbell with rack, weight bench, pull up bar, stability ball, jump ropes, suspension trainer, mini trampoline and I think that's it. I've done ChaLean Extreme, Body For Life, New Rules of Lifting (original), New Rules of Lifting for Women, and P90X.

I am going to post the three options here and if anyone is reading, please tell me which you would go with. I have a 12-week stretch between finishing NROL4W and ending the year on vacation in New York.

OPTION 1 - A 3 times a week, full body workout. I would do this workout for 6 weeks, then change out some of the exercises (to the ones in parentheses) for another 6 weeks.

squat 5x5 (lunge)
db push press 5x5 (db shoulder press)
chin up 3x12 (assisted pull up)
prone jackknife 3x12 (cross body mountain climber)

squat 5x5 (barbell step up)
push up 3x12 (chin up)
conventional dead lift 5x5 (Romanian dead lift)
hanging leg raise 3x12 (plank, max time)

squat 5x5 (squat)
db bench press 5x5 (one arm db row)
assisted pull up 3x12 (push up)
3-minute plank test (spin crunch, 3x60 s)
There is also a 5-minute plank test

OPTION 2 - A 4 day split based on Built's Baby Got Back routine, which I love!!! I would do this for the full 12 weeks, adding weight when possible.

bench press 5x5
one arm db row 5x5
push up 3x8
lateral raise 3x8

squat 5x5
bicep curl 5x5
lunge 3x8
barbell good morning 3x8

chin up 5x5
military press 5x5
front raise 3x8
dip 3x8

dead lift 5x5
lying tricep extension (skullcrusher!!!) 5x5
glute ham raise 3x8
step up 3x8

OPTION 3 - This is directly from Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength Wiki - I believe it's part of the Practical Programming book, which I have not read. I'm not even sure that's Mark's wiki. It is at least based on his book. I would do this for the full 12 weeks, adding weight when possible.

bench press 5x5
push press 1x5 (alternate with standing db press 2x8)
chin/pull up 3x12

squat 5x5
power clean 5x3 (alternate with bent over barbell row 3x8)
glute ham raise 5x10

standing barbell press 5x5
db bench press 3x6-12 (add weight after 12 reps and start over)
chin/pull up

front squat 5x3 [Yuck, I hate these!!] (see the wiki for the alternate here -it's complicated written out)
bench press 1x1 (only when doing front squats, eliminate Thursday bench press)
dead lift 1x5

I love all of these. I will probably do all of them. I just don't know which one to do first.

Also, what can I do with my blog to make it more interesting for those of you who read? It's basically become just a record of what I do, for my own selfish purposes. I want to gain muscle, so I'm going to be hitting the weights hard.

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