Thursday, September 2, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 6 - Thursday - Mark's WoW

I did another of Mark Sisson's Workout of the Week. This is the third one, but I couldn't do the second because I didn't have a good area to crawl around. Anyway, this one is 20 minutes of bodyweight exercises: 1 pull up, 2 push ups, 3 squats, 1 chin up, 2 push ups, 3 squats, repeat. I actually only did 10 minutes because I was running short on time, with all the hurricane prep I needed to take care of. 1 activity point for it.

eggs, Sandwich Thin w/ sugar free jelly [1 pt]
brown rice w/ beans, pepper slices w/ avocado hummus
Tex Mex bean & corn salsa w/ avocado
yogurt & apple

20 ounces of water and four coffees. 30 weekly points remaining. I used the activity point I earned. I didn't do all that great with the water but I got my fluids in. I almost lost it a few times, when I was making chocolate chip ice cream. It's 4.5 points per 80 grams!!! That's a lot of points for a tiny bit of ice cream, but I didn't try to make it low fat. It is HFCS and all that other yucky stuff free, though! I have raging PMS and I'm tired from lack of sleep and when I walked by Walgreens, I desperately wanted to stop in. But I didn't, because I knew I'd buy junk food if I did. So overall, I'm proud of myself today.

Tomorrow's workout - Stage 6B, depending on whether or not we have power. I don't need power to work out, but I do need it to take a shower after. The storm looks like it's not going to be as bad as they were first saying, so that is good!

Days Binge Free: 67

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