Sunday, September 12, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 7 - Sunday - Rest Day

My body is stiff. Not sore, just a little tight. It was raining so I couldn't bike and I had too much other stuff to do to clean an area big enough to do Turbo Jam. So I rested. Well, I made bread and kneaded by hand for 20 minutes and cut and painted paper bag scarecrows and cut fabric and did just about anything to avoid the sitting and standing movements that made my legs cry.

I ate badly today. Not necessarily a binge, but I am resetting my binge count because I'm totally disappointed in myself. I know why I did it. I let not having any points mess with my head. This won't happen again. There are 100 days until I leave for Christmas vacation in New York. I am going to stay on plan for 100 days (at least) - that means being accountable for everything that goes into my mouth, and not letting myself run out of points early in the week so that it doesn't but me in a position where I "can't" have something on the weekend.

Tomorrow's workout - Stage 7-2

Days Binge Free: 0

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