Tuesday, December 2, 2008

NROL - Week 18 - Tuesday

153.5 today. That's up 5 pounds LOL Stupid interstate food! I'm not stressed about it at all.

Turbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 2 today, and I almost had the moves perfect! There were a couple times I was distracted but I'm definitely getting the hang of it! I also did Ab Jam (standing segment only) and the 3-mile WATP video (5/3035 miles "traveled" so far). I don't know if this is going to be typical - 90 minutes of cardio + 10 minutes of abs is a bit much. Maybe once in a while when I'm feeling froggy.

9:15 AM - apple & cottage cheese; I finally went shopping

12:45 PM - chicken tortilla soup (w/ salsa, sour cream, taco sauce, mozzarella cheese), coffee w/ cream & Splenda

4:30 PM - coffee w/ cream & Splenda

6:00 PM - fried chicken wings, fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrots w/ ranch dressing

9:00 PM - almonds, mozzarella cheese

Calories - 1532
Carbs - 97 (19 fiber)
Protein- 132
Fat - 70
C/P/F Ratio - 25/34.1/40.9


Jess said...

You're so brave!

I'm dreading the scale when I decide to weigh back in. :(

Becky said...

One of the deals I made with myself is that I have to be honest about my weight and progress. Omission might as well be a lie. Denying my condition doesn't change anything. I feel better staying accountable. It's not bravery. Brave would be posting pics LOL

Jess said...


That's what I *should* do but I'm just not there yet...

I'm going to weigh in on Tuesday the 9th since I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow on a mini-vacation. Not my usual weigh-in day but I need to see how much damage I did and go from there.

Nah...that's just stupidity. :oP