Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NROL - Week 19 - Tuesday

Turbo Jam Cardio Party Mix 2 today. I should have eaten before I started because I was really dragging.

I am so tired of thinking about food constantly. The last three days have been rough. I am never satisfied.

7:50 AM - apple & cottage cheese

8:45 AM - coffee w/ cream & Splenda

10:15 AM - chicken breast, brown rice salad

1:30 PM - tuna & cucumber salad w/ Caesar vinaigrette dressing

2:55 PM - homemade low carb peanut butter fudge; again, another hungry day and I feel really guilty for eating 2 pieces - I need to learn to just eat 1

6:20 PM - scrambled eggs w/ onion, green pepper & salsa, tea w/ Splenda, turkey bacon

9:15 PM - grilled cheese sandwich; again - ugh! I am so over this extreme hunger thing

Actually, my numbers aren't really that bad today. Ok, pity party over!

Calories - 1768
Carbs - 132 (17 fiber)
Protein - 147
Fat - 76
C/P/F Ratio - 29.3/32.7/37.9


Hayley said...

I truly think you're doing great! Though honestly I get sick and tired of thinking about all of this all the time, too...2 pieces of the fudge isn't bad at all!

Becky said...

Thanks, Hayley. I think the hunger is just in my head. Or it's the brown rice making me hungry. We'll find out - I had my last serving of the batch this morning.