Saturday, December 13, 2008

NROL - Week 19 - Saturday

Cardio Party again today. I still love that workout. My energy was good (even though I didn't eat first) and my coordination is getting much better. I'm pleased.

What I'm not so pleased with is the night time eating. I am convinced that I'm not really hungry. I think some of it is just wanting something warm. I am cold all the time and food warms me. I need to switch to tea at night, instead of food.

I'm still at a loss on the light table cream. I've checked every store here and none of them carry it anymore. The best compromise, for now, is half-n-half. I'm not thrilled with the calories (40 per 2 tbs) but if my coffee taste okay with just half a serving, that will be good enough. I'm picky about my coffee, but not a coffee snob. I drink instant coffee, for crying out loud. But the creaminess has to be right. [After having a few cups with just 1 tbs h-n-h, it's perfect. So, in terms of calories and cost, it works out great!]

I think I feel a binge coming on. Every time I open the freezer and see my son's candy (which has been in there since we got home from New York - along with the bag of M&Ms I bought for myself weeks and weeks ago), I want to eat it all. I look at it and just know, without any doubt, that before the end of the month, I will have eaten all of it, probably in one sitting. I just know it. That bothers me.

10:00 AM - cottage cheese & apple w/ cinnamon & Splenda, coffee w/ half-n-half & Splenda

12:40 PM - chicken w/ cream cheese & turkey bacon, carrots

4:10 PM - coffee w/ half-n-half & Splenda; I'm freezing!!

5:55 PM - turkey bacon, scrambled eggs w/ green pepper, onion & taco sauce, toast

8:40 PM - air-popped popcorn, peanut butter fudge

Calories - 1640
Carbs - 122 (19 fiber)
Protein - 124
Fat - 67
C/P/F Ratio - 30.7/31.2/38.1


Hayley said...

Even if you do "slip up" I want you to remember how amazingly strong you are...look at the progress you've made and how far you've come! Staying aware is key...something is going on perhaps? Either way - I'm here to support you!!

Hayley said...

Thanks so much for what you wrote on my blog - it means a lot to me...I can't imagine that I've helped anyone but if I did then that makes me feel so good! I've loved reading your blog..just seeing how far you've come and how much progress you've made has given me so much hope. :)