Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 4 - Wednesday - Workout A3

Stage 4A

front squat/push press 3x8x50 lbs
90 s rest

(barbell) step up 3x8x75 lbs
dumbbell one-point row 3x8x25 lbs
90 s rest

static lunge, rear foot elevated 3x8x25 lbs
push up 3x8
90 s rest

plank 3x120 s
cable wood chop 3x8 - purple band
90 s rest

2 activity points for this.

yogurt w/ cereal & plum
eggs w/ avocado, toasted Sandwich Thin w/ butter [2 pts]
chicken breast w/ raw vegetables & homemade honey mustard dressing
fake Frosty (milk blended with ice & diet hot chocolate mix) - Trigger food. I won't be making this often.
tuna, sprouts & avocado on Flat Out bread [1 pt]
pumpkin oatmeal bar

80 ounces of water and three coffees. 24 weekly and 8 activity points remaining. GHGs - present! I think I ate too many carbs today. I don't feel carb-bloated, but just looking at my menu, it's light on the protein.

Tomorrow's workout - Turbo Fire HIIT 15 OR Cathe Friedrich Cardio Blast (one of the kickboxing shows from FitTV) & ChaLean Extreme Recharge 

Days Binge Free: 31


Melty said...

Wait, so you actually have the full HIIT? I thought it was just preview. Cathe is on Fittv? I don't know if I hthat.

It's it funny how once you eat something you know right away whether it's a trigger food.

Becky said...

That is what I was trying to send you last week, that huge ass file. It's just the short workout but as far as I know it IS one of the actual workouts from Turbo Fire. It's about 20 minutes long.

Yes, Cathe is on FitTV. I did her workout today because I couldn't find my flash drive for Turbo Fire.

Melty said...

You can put the word verification thing back on if you want. Is it possible to monitor without the word verification?

Becky said...

LOL Don't worry about it.