Thursday, July 15, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 3 - Thursday - Workout B4

Stage 3B

barbell Romanian dead lift w/ bent over row 3x6x75 lbs
105 s rest

partial single leg squat 3x6
wide-grip lat pull down (assisted pull up) 3x6
105 s rest

back extension (on Swiss ball) 3x6
YTWL shoulder matrix 3x6x5 lbs
105 s rest

(long arm) Swiss ball crunch 3x6
prone jackknife 3x6
Swiss ball side crunch 3x6 [per side]
105 s rest

Intervals: 3 min warm up, 1 min work/2 min recovery x 5, 2 min cool down [20 minutes total] - I did some Turbo Jam cross body blocks for my work intervals and a light jog for my recovery intervals. I burned 138 calories.

2 activity points for the weights, 1 for the intervals. This marks the halfway point of my New Rules of Lifting for Women program. I've done 13 weeks of workouts, and have 13 more to go. 

hard boiled egg
oatmeal w/ banana
baked squash & red pepper slices w/ homemade honey mustard dressing, grilled turkey patty
apple & cottage cheese
cheese [2 pts]
eggs w/ avocado, light English muffin w/ sugar free jelly [1 pt]

80 ounces of water and three coffees. 25 weekly and 9 activity points remaining.

It's been on my mind that since I'm doing the Weight Watchers Simply Filling Technique, I should point out where I am meeting my 9 Good Health Guidelines (GHG):

...have 6-8 glasses of liquids? yes
...take your vitamin? yes at least 5 fruits and veggies? yes, barely
...choose lean proteins? yes
...choose healthy grains? yes
...have at least 2-3 dairy servings? yes - between the cheese, milk in my coffee & oats, and the cottage cheese
...get your 2 tsp healthy oils? yes - in my honey mustard dressing
...limit usage of sugar and alcohol? yes
...exercise? yes

Tomorrow's workout - Turbo Jam Punch Kick Jam

Days Binge Free: 18

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