Saturday, July 24, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 4 - Saturday - Rest Day

I was supposed to Turbo but there was a glitch with my dvd player and I didn't feel like coming up with anything else to do.

eggs w/ avocado, toast [1 pt] w/ cottage cheese
cottage cheese & grapes
baked butternut squash, cucumber, pepper & carrot slices, turkey bacon [4 pts]
banana, dark chocolate w/ fat free whipped topping [1 pt] - I really, really, really wanted to eat and eat and not stop. But I did. I told myself I could have more later. I ended up not having more, but I did think about it a lot.
beef & black bean chili w/ romaine lettuce & cheese [2 pts]
air-popped popcorn

I was SO hungry today. I feel like I ate too much though.

80 ounces of water and 3 coffees. 2 weekly and 11 activity points remaining. I got in all my GHGs.

Tomorrow's workout - nothing!

Days Binge Free: 27

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Jess said...

Great job on not giving in! :) I'm having a day like you too, if it makes you feel any better. But I'm staying strong too.