Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 4 - Tuesday - Turbo Jam Fat Blaster

I did Fat Blaster today, as scheduled. I burned 230 calories (2 activity points) and it was fun. I didn't have any problems with my heart rate monitor. I think I was wearing it too high - I lowered it closer to the bottom of my rib cage. My son decided he did not want to go to the playground so no outside play for me today. I'm a bit glad because I am a little sore from yesterday's workout.

eggs w/ avocado, toast w/ Smart Balance [2 pts]
grilled chicken salad from Burger King [3 pts for cheese & croutons] - I'm really mad at myself. I know this is what my weekly and activity points are for, but I could have made a better choice, as in just get my son's lunch to go and make something Core for myself at home. To top it off, my stupid BK doesn't offer fat free dressings, and their "light" Italian dressing had more fat and calories than any of the stuff I had at home. So I'm not happy with this choice - a dry, overpriced salad that still cost me 3 points, especially after I survived the movie theater without eating any of my normal junk!! Or anything at all, actually. I ate breakfast right before we went to the movie.
diet soda cake [3 pts] w/ frozen banana - I ate my dessert before dinner, hoping that if I got hungry right away, I would eat my real dinner and not more junk. Surprisingly, I didn't want more cake. It was a good hour or more before I wanted anything, and then, all I wanted was dinner.
sauteed red pepper & onions w/ avocado on Flat Out bread [1 pt]

80 ounces of water and two coffees. 25 weekly and 4 activity points remaining. I did not get all my dairy servings today.

Tomorrow's workout - Stage 4B

Days Binge Free: 23

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Jess said...

Great job with the cake, Becky! :)