Sunday, July 11, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 3 - Sunday - Rest Day

It was nice not to do anything today. Well, I sulked but that doesn't burn calories. Why was a sulking? Because I've been back on plan for over 10 days and I have lost no weight. I know that the scale is not the best guide and I know this stuff takes time. I haven't been measuring everything out but I am 100% sure my portion sizes are not too big. I am certain, because I do measure the important things out - starches, fats, and protein. I don't measure my vegetables or fruit, but I do try to limit the fruit to 3 servings a day. Maybe I'm just eating too much of the Filling Foods, but I don't think so. Last weekend, I did overeat my dinner but all my other meals are to satisfaction. No, I haven't done measurements this week but my clothes do feel better. I don't know why I get on the scale anyway. I did get on yesterday and I was down 1.5 pounds since July 1, but then I gained water right back overnight. So fuck the scale. I know I'm a slow loser and it's my own fault for gaining that 10 pounds back. And just because it doesn't seem to be coming off, that's no reason to bail. It's only been 2 weeks.

hard boiled eggs,  homemade French toast w/ Smart Balance & light syrup [5 pts] - I really, really, really wanted a second piece of French toast but didn't have it, even though I had the points.
grilled turkey patty w/ honey mustard sauce, red pepper slices & lima beans w/ carrots & onions
apple & cottage cheese - Believe it or not, I got pissed off about something and this is what I wanted to eat, instead of chocolate.
red pepper slices
yogurt & cereal - I really, really, really wanted a grilled cheese sandwich.
grilled cheese sandwich [9 pts] - It was a lot of cheese. I feel guilty, and I shouldn't.

No water today but I had other fluids. 1 weekly and 17 activity points unused. Just because I have points doesn't mean I have to use them. I could have eaten ice cream this week or homemade peanut butter or tons of things that I would normally say , "Oh, I need to use these points - let me eat this, this, and this." It's been 2 weeks since I've lost control and I've really been good about eating the right things. I haven't had any bad cravings. I'd like to go another two weeks before I try to decide whether or not I'm making any progress.

Tomorrow's workout - Stage 3A, for the last time.

Days Binge Free: 14

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Jess said...

You are doing GREAT, Becky! I also think it's a great idea that you are noting how many days that you've been binge free at the bottom of your blog posts. Two weeks...I'm really impressed! :)