Friday, July 30, 2010

NROL4W - Stage 4 - Friday - Workout B3

I had an apple and cottage cheese after I blogged last night, so I ended up getting that half a dairy serving I was missing.

Stage 4B

wide grip dead lift off box 3x8x80 lbs
90 s rest

Bulgarian split squat 3x8x25 lbs
underhand lat pulldown (assisted chin up) 3x8 - I did 1 unassisted and 7 assisted in each set
90 s rest

reverse lunge from box w/ forward reach 3x8x25 lbs
dumbbell prone Cuban snatch 3x8x10 lbs
90 s rest

(long arm) Swiss ball crunch 3x8
reverse crunch 3x8
Swiss ball side crunch 3x8
90 s rest

prone cobra 3x120 s
90 s rest

Instead of regular intervals, I did the HIIT 15 Class from Turbo Fire. I don't have Turbo Fire yet (I have to wait until I go back to work in the fall), but I found this workout online. It was sent to some Beachbody customers a while back as a sample. It's 16 minutes long, which includes a short warm up and cool down. There are three different drills, each repeated three times. The work intervals are 34 seconds. The recovery intervals are 30 seconds. I really enjoyed it. It was so fast paced that I couldn't get all the moves down, so it will take practice. It's all jumping and squatting and lunging. I was so sweaty right away that my heart rate monitor strap kept slipping so I'm not sure I got an accurate reading. I burned 140 calories, which is about what I burn with the regular 20 minute intervals I'd been doing.

2 activity points for weights, 1 point for the intervals.

plum - I ate this in between weights & intervals instead of having chocolate milk.
eggs w/ tomato, onion, red peppers, toasted Sandwich Thin w/ butter [2 pts]
baked potato w/ lean beef, part of an apple
pumpkin bar, red pepper slices
meatballs [7 pts] & mixed vegetables w/ cheese [3 pts] - Dinner was a giant mess. I asked my husband to bring home seafood and he didn't so I had nothing to make for dinner. He couldn't decide what he wanted, and all I wanted was a high quality salad, but I didn't want to go buy the ingredients because I'm the only person who will actually eat healthy foods in this house. So he went out for Chinese food and I still had nothing, and nowhere to go buy a good quality salad. We desperately need a salad bar around here. JUST ready-to-eat produce. Anyway, I couldn't stomach the thought of eating leftover chicken breast, so I wasted points on ready-made meatballs. I'm not happy about it, but it was either that or binge because I was reaching a tipping point. When I get really hungry, I get really bitchy. And I was bitchy.

80 ounces of water and three coffees. 7 weekly and 14 activity points remaining. I missed 1 tsp of oil today.

Tomorrow's workout - I don't know yet. I'm too pissy to think about it right now.

Days Binge Free: 33

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Jess said...

Glad you didn't binge! :) If it makes you feel any better, I had a pissy dinner too. >_<